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Parent Written byArmymomof2 June 3, 2012

A Hilarious and Endearing little show perfect for an Experienced Parent or Soon-to-be-parent.

Loved the film! This time, just us adults went to see the movie. I would be comfortable taking teens, 14 yrs. old and up. There is little cursing, that I remember, it's hilarious and it shows many different pregnancy/new family beginnings. Although it may delve into the common stereotypes of pregnancy and couples, it's done in a fresh and hilarious way. It was refreshing to see how everyone isn't all aglow throughout each situation and pregnancy n the movie. I loved that it also showed various situations and ways people start new families and they aren't all perfect. In fact, most of us adults have gone through one or more of these scenarios or we happen to know friends or family members who have gone through them. It was extremely moving as one of the couples pregnancies ends in a miscarriage. It showed real emotion and was true to nature. Typically, it affects a woman for a very long time, if not all her life. I looked around the theater from time to time and nearly every person in the theater was laughing throughout the movie. During the endearing parts, even the men were teary eyed. I definitely think this movie is great for anyone who has experienced or is soon to experience parenting. It is most relate-able and the perfect date night movie for parents.
What other families should know
Too much swearing
Parent Written byFrankinf May 28, 2012


funny and has a great story
What other families should know
Too much sex
Too much swearing
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking
Parent Written byimpartial observer May 27, 2012

2 hours of my life I will NEVER get back

I have watched a lot of films in my time but this was without a doubt the worst tripe I have ever had to endure, I have given it one star but that is only because you cannot give it no stars. Yes it's a chick flick so it's always going to be bad but it comes to something when you're girlfriend has had enough of it and you're not even half way through! Chris Rock, Jennifer Lopez, Cameron Diaz and Dennis Quaid - hang your heads in shame at agreeing to your roles in this film, you don't need the money, you have talent but clearly no self respect. Parents, couples all over the world please do yourselves, your wallet and your sanity a favour and DO NOT GO TO SEE THIS FILM!!!