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Classy Rom-Com

This is my favorite rom-com ever! It is sooo classy! I watch it every Christmas. (It's not technically a Christmas movie but the part of it takes place during Christmas.) Bill Pullman's character will restore your hope that there are good guys out there. Sandra Bullock plays Lucy, a super relatable girl in delightfully bulky sweaters. The movie has sweet family themes and amazing humor. I probably reference this movie every other day. There's hardly anything bad in the movie. Swearing is very minimal. One of Lucy's friends is incredulous when Lucy says she is waiting to have sex until marriage. A miscommunication makes people think Lucy is pregnant. A character asks if Lucy is wearing a black bra. (A joke is made about this later on). One character loses one of his tentacles due to an accident, and his mother feels to see if this is true (while he is unconscious). Out of context it sounds bad, but it makes sense in the movie and is only humourously uncomfortable.
age 9+
age 11+

Great comedy

This was a very funny comedy.
age 11+

Really Funny

My mom and I watched this when I was 12, and I thought it was really funny.
age 13+

Not for Little Kids

I live in a house with only brothers and a toddler sister. My mom wanted to watch this movie because she hadn't seen this kind of movie in a while. I would recommend this to older, mature girls. I am not an expert on chick flicks, and my mom, and the reviews here call this movie innocent. In my personal opinion, the plot was interesting, but the references would probably not go over kids' heads easily. They are straightforward with their words and actions, making me a bit uncomfortable for most of the movie. Also, this movie swears a lot (me including God's name in vain as swearing.)

This title has:

Too much sex
Too much swearing
age 11+

Sweet, cute rom-com for tweens/teens

I love this movie! I first watched it earlier this year (it was my first Sandra Bullock movie.) It's super sweet, super cute with a little bit of a cheesy plot... however the acting is well-done which adds to the quality of the film. Some of the jokes are inappropriate and there is slight language, but it isn't graphic or explicit. Definitely worth watching. :)
age 11+


it's a very interesting movie and i would TOTALLY recommend
age 11+

Great Movie

I think that this movie was really good, compared to some of the ratings. It was a great family movie for all the girls.

This title has:

Great messages
age 11+

Awesome movie.

Very romantic movie that has lots of humor and sexiness. This movie can be a little inappropriate at times. Lots of kissing. There is some sexual harresment.

This title has:

Great role models
Too much sex