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White Snake

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age 13+

Actually pretty good

I liked this movie, and it seems I'm the first person to leave a review of it here. This movie has some good characters, awesome CGI visuals, and decent animation. The story and plot are pretty good as well in my opinion. This movie, appropriateness wise, may not be as bad as you'd expect after reading the expert review. This film contains no full nudity, and doesn't really discuss sex at all. There is one implication about half way through where 2 of the characters are about to engage, but it cuts off, fades away, and the camera moves on to the next scene, so nothing is shown. Some characters could be considered provactive, and there is some display of skin, and sensuality, but nothing for it to be to bad for anyone 13 yr or older. I'd argue that kids a couple years younger could watch this, but I understand that this site is especially conservative in what they allow their kids to watch, and how much they want their kids to be exposed to. For parents who are worried, I'd advise to watch the whole thing through, then decide if you'd be fine with your kid seeing it, because it will make more sense if you watch the whole thing in it's entirety.
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