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Life in the Wild Wind

Wild is the Wind Film contains real life issues faced in society today and has a diversity of characters. From an educational point of view it helps shape and give perspective on life in how people and in this instance two cops make life changing decisions that has an impact on the entire community. Every decision made has a consequence and there are many issues to encounter in the world which can get wild as the wind but being able to live with your decisions and its consequences in itself entails liberty when you have peace over it.
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Horrible! Unrealistic too

Extremely dark with even darker ending. If you want to feel like s**t after watching then by all means go ahead and waste two hours of your life. Unrealistic too. He has a pregnant wife and he allows himself to die over this POS instead of turning him in to the higher authorities. What if he wasn't able to get that shot in? He should've set his a** on fire and burned him alive.
age 12+

One small corruption ultimately destroys an entire community!

Perfectly recounted below. An outsized morality tale that expands in scope and scale as the plot unfolds. Demonstrates how the great evils of unearned privilege, toxic masculinity, misogyny, racism and easy gun access can destroy good people and those they care about. "The fact that the two lead characters are corrupt cops who take bribes during traffic stops and have hatched a violent plan to make the money they need to pay off their houses and/or leave town for the big city makes this all the more compelling. Everyone is mired in it, and very few actually benefit from the lingering systemic racism awoken by the incident. What works best about this movie is that everything from the direction to the incredible acting to the story itself serves this idea that the tragedies in this movie -- of which there are many -- are just a small part of a much larger tragedy."

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