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Cast shines

A lot of younger people probably wouldn't get any of the jokes of just not find it funny. I am very mature for my age and did, but most kids wouldn't. Its definitely directed more towards older audiences, but it's a good movie nonetheless. The cast is what makes the movie amazing. The girls have great chemistry and it shows.

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Great messages
age 13+

Not as inappropriate as rating suggests

Hilarious buddy comedy, similar to “Bridesmaids” but is more appropriate. There is innuendo where it is implied 2 characters had sex. Sex is mentioned. Lots of cursing, and drinking.

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Too much sex
Too much swearing
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking
age 13+

not the target audience

Honestly, this movie was a little disappointing. Its target audience is clearly older adults, as it constantly portrays young people in a negative light and shames them for overuse of social media and a disconnect from the "real world". If this appeals to you, then go ahead, but it made the movie pretty unwatchable for me.