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Melancholy DC sequel about redemption has mixed messages.
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Adult Written December 28, 2020

Not what I expected

My brother (in the film industry) hated it. I enjoyed most of it. I let my daughter (8) watch it with us, as she understands violence for effect and the difference in movies vs real life. However, EVERY review talked about the couple waking up in bed together. She doesn't get what sex is, so that could right over her head. However, NONE of the reviews talked about them rolling around and passionately kissing while in bed, laying on each other. This would have been a deal breaker for me on letting her watch it. That is far more than 2 people waking up in bed together. Disappointed in the reviews.
Adult Written byKeyko December 28, 2020

Missed opportunity

I'm pretty liberal except when it comes to what is appropriate for my kids. Even then, I bend the rules from time to time depending upon the content. I felt the 1st Wonder Woman was fine for my 10 year old, but WW1984 isn't even close. The 1st Wonder Woman had some mild risque scenes that were outweighed by a great my 8 and 10 yr old were allowed to watch. WW1984 has a great opening couple of scenes and then the movie falls off a clip. I hate to say it, but I also feel like I wasted 2 hours of my life. Yeah, and the romantic scenes are not just innuendo like in the first WW. They are, "let's do it again, and again..." lack of innuendo. It is appropriate for 0-6 year olds because it isn't graphic and will simply go over their heads. I don't think they're appropriate for ages 7-12 because it is suggestive enough to not go over their heads. 13 is a funny age (I'm a teacher), because different houses have different views and values. I'm of the opinion that our children are being hit over the head and desensitized by soooo much media in so many forms that I tend to push back an extra year or two on the sex stuff because they're going to be exposed to it soon enough, and then for the rest of their lives. For adults, the movie is kinda just lame after the first 12 minutes. I'm glad it was free.

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Sexy stuff
Adult Written byHST December 29, 2020

Has a big issue with kids watching

Basically, glosses over rape... or at least close to it. A guy is possessed and the main hero seems to have zero qualms about sleeping with him.... With ZERO moral quandary? Glaring oversight. Terrible role model. Not sure what other people are watching or choosing to ignore here. Might want to review their own standards to think that this is “great role models” or “great messages” when such a huge issue is never addressed. Original guy is not in control of himself. But nobody seems to have a problem in what happens to him. Not to
mention, the rest of the movie is terrible. A sloppy script and questionable choices for what is supposed to be a superhero/role model.
Parent Written byDana P. December 27, 2020

Disappointing, trivial female stereotypes

We really enjoyed the first Wonder Woman film, but my boys (15 and 11) and I were all very disappointed by this follow up. We all agreed that the dialogue was unimaginative, the action sequences were boring, and unfortunately Kristin Wiig and Pedro Pascal were not able to make their poorly-written characters interesting or sympathetic. It occasionally had a potentially fun, comic-booky, over-the-top tone, but the unevenness made it hard to buy what they were selling. The biggest letdown was the fact that the central conflict between the two female characters was driven by trivial, 1-dimensional stereotypes and jealousy. This did give me the opportunity to talk about this issue with my boys—really the only positive outcome of watching this movie together.
Adult Written bylpetlock December 25, 2020

Not good at all. Very disappointed.

Disjointed and poor plot.
Adult Written bybkcofee December 27, 2020

Wonder Woman

I thought it was a great movie. I do not see why so many people were disappointed. I think it was the fact that they could not really go to the movies. I think it was well written

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Adult Written bymonis_shaikh December 26, 2020

One Time Must Watch

WW84 is just fine, Gal gadot and Pedro Pascal rocked it and they lift up the whole movie upon themselves. The story is smartly written. During the Christmas holidays and new year's eve it can be a perfect movie to watch with family, there are some scenes which will feel awkward when watching with family.

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Adult Written byVoice_of_Reason February 16, 2021
This film deal with more of morals and what we sacrifice to get what we want vs what we need. It's not as action packed as other superhero films, but if you want a film to make you reflect on what matters in life, and on truth, this is your go to super hero film!

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Adult Written byAde1620 January 20, 2021

Very dissappointed

You wouldnt want your kids under 14 to watch it. This movie is teaching kids sexuality and how to seduce etc. The conversation in a movie is not that pg13. I feel like Disney is trying to mess up our kids mind with these movies lately. Parents lets make sure we are teahing our kids what is right and wrong.
Adult Written byAndreyshev December 26, 2020

Great movie

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Adult Written byJojojordan August 17, 2020

The best Movie of 2020

I think the second sequel to WW84 is better the movie contain lots of actions and its even getting better and better. Especially when I watched the trailer of WW84 its better than the first WW. But most of all people want to see WW take flight.

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Adult Written byMayo Dabs July 12, 2021

Here are some things parents need to know about this movie,

Wonder Woman 1984 is a really good movie with positive role models, but beware because it has some scenes you might not want your child to watch, like (spoiler alert) when Wonder Woman and shirtless Steve are in a bed kissing on top of one another, there are some bloody scenes but its nothing a child can't handle. there is some violence, and there is a thief who drinks and there are some uses of the words, sh*t and b**ch, and the antagonist is not scary. I think the age doesn't matter when watching a movie, it depends on the maturity of that person and if they can or can not handle some scenes whether its you that's watching or your child. But overall wonder woman is a great movie and I would definitely recommend it. I hoped this helped you decide.

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Parent of a 15-year-old Written byQueenbee27 June 19, 2021

Refreshing and not cliche'! Great family night movie!

Refreshing, retro, wholesome movie! Thank you, finally something worth watching with strong moral content, totally worth the watch! As as society we have lost the value and beauty of suffering and sacrifice, Hollywood should take a lesson and create more movies like this! No explicit sex scenes, nice!! Great family night movie! 13 and up

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Parent of a 12-year-old Written byPhoenix T. June 16, 2021

Terrible plot. Terrible film.

Don't bother. Big downer after the first one which was so much better. This is a huge flop. Don't waste your time. Nothing insightful and nothing compelling. Just a bunch of nonsense.
Adult Written byemarnold15 April 16, 2021

Really fun, but kind of shallow

I LOVED the first Wonder Woman movie, so I was super excited for the sequel. Sadly, I was somewhat disappointed with WW84.
Visually, this movie is very cool. It looks similar to season 3 of Stranger Things. Oversaturated 1980's nostalgia is everywhere. For Stranger Things I thought it worked well, but I don't think it fits Wonder Woman very well. Also since this came second, it feels like it's trying to piggy back on to the success of other nostalgia-heavy tv shows and movies that have come out recently.
The character of Wonder Woman feels very different in this movie. She still is struggling with the loss of Steve, but it has been about 40 years since he died so it's kind of hard to believe she' still hanging on to it. The writing of Diana also feels different than the first one, and even different from Batman V Superman. Can't put my finger on why.
I love Steve and thought Chris Pine was great as the character again. But, the way that they had him return is very odd. Almost possessing another man's body after Diana wishes for it? And then Diana sleeps with Steve, but that means she also slept with this strange man who is totally unaware. . .wish they would've handled his return better.
I loved Pedro Pascal's villain. He did a fantastic job! But, as much as I love Kristen Wiig I just felt like her character was unnecessary. And the final fight scene with her, the CGI looks really rough.
This movie is fun and watchable, but you can't think too hard about it or you're not gonna like it. I think Wonder Woman is a hard character to bring into "modern" times and they have not succeeded at it yet. But hopefully they will bring back the same good writing and story from the first for the third one.
Adult Written byyasir hameed March 4, 2021

for islam

this movie is against the islam and the muslims are shown as useless humans they are shown as a terror and not in ww movie in all hollywood movies the islam is shown as guilty religion

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Violence & scariness
Adult Written byhorizon highway February 14, 2021

Good gone bad

The first wonder woman was a feel-good hero type of movie, whereas this one was dark and about envy. I actually almost cut it off about halfway through, but didn't, hoping it would get better. Well it didn't and I have to say it's about the worst movie I have ever seen.
Adult Written byquitefrankly... February 13, 2021

waste of a great character

Quite frankly, the movie is a confusing mess. I appreciate the campiness of superhero movies, but this took it to an extreme. While its not to bad to watch its pretty darn close. Aside from a really short scene of Gal Gadot kissing Chris Pine, the movie is pretty PG. Honestly if you watched the first one, this movie will just be a disappointment.

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Adult Written byJonahMovies January 31, 2021

Disappointing DC sequel is filled with plot holes, overly long.

I saw the first Wonder Woman movie in the theater in 2017. At first, I hated it, although I never thought it was bad. I just didn't enjoy my experience of watching it. However, after a couple of re-watches, I have grown to enjoy the movie. I think it has fantastic production design and Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman/Diana Prince, I think is great! Currently, I can find the first Wonder Woman to be a pretty decent film. However, Wonder Woman 1984 was a big disappointment. The DCEU for me personally has really had its ups and downs. 2017's Justice League, is a film that I would consider to be one of the most disappointing of all time and it practically makes me cringe after each watch. Therefore, I have become not a fan of Zack Snyder. My brother and I will commonly joke about how we thought Wonder Woman 1984 was going to be bad, because Zack Snyder said that it was "good." I really do wish I could say the same thing. Wonder Woman 1984 is far from the worst movie ever made, but much farther from the best. It has many flaws that I could list. The film I felt was attempting to do too much at once. The movie is 151 minutes long and it FEELS THAT WAY. The best word to describe the film is, "overwhelming." The 80's were known to be a very sleek and flamboyant era. WW84 tries to capture that in a way that is engaging and interesting, and I think they only succeed at part of that. The film is entertaining and something fun is happening around every twenty-five minutes. What I think the film fails the most at is consistency. WW84 revolves around a literal "plot device," called the Dream Stone. Everyone is after it and that is how our two villains are tied in. Cheetah (Kristen Wiig) and Maxwell Lord, (Pedro Pascal), are both trying to destroy Wonder Woman while still after this stone. This leads to many plot holes that I don't want to spoil. I think the mixing of the two villains doesn't work very well and for being a long movie, the film is fairly light on action unfortunately. I really do think Patty Jenkins is a great director and I think she has a bright future. There are some very well- directed sequences. The shopping mall scene? Great! I really could go on all day about the flaws of this film but I think that there are some saving moments, some scenes that were really well-executed. But the film doesn't live up to the original unfortunately. After first seeing the film, I gave it a solid B. But the more I think about it, the less I like the movie. I would now settle around a B- or even a C+. Especially considering I saw a much better movie, Soul as well on Christmas Day.

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Adult Written bylazyneymar12 January 18, 2021

New Wonder Woman was... disappointing at best

I am a teenager. My dad and I loved the first Wonder Woman film (great plot, cast and a superb superhero film). However, I feel like this film was a huge disappointment compared to that. It has at best 3 superhero sequences, nowhere near enough to define a superhero film. I feel like the start was okay (a bit cheesy when main character and little toddler exchange winks) but otherwise a decent action scene. Then it all went downhill. This film had a budget of 200Million US, and its main villain was a weirdo who grants people wishes. Kind of terrible.
The story is very average as well (I felt like they copied a lot of the production design from films and series set in the 80s - nothing special) and the other villain was so-so, but a bit of a stretch.

Violence - 5/10. Honestly, there was quite literally nothing that would disturb a 9-10 year old, except for a minor bloody wound on main character's shoulder throughout an action sequence. There is also a scene where a villain repeatedly kicks an attempted pervert. Apart from that, there was average superhero violence (main character beats up a few goons and henchmen). There is a fight between hero and villain at the end, but there is no blood and nothing graphic.

Language - 3/10. Nowhere near the amount of swearing in most hero films. There is one use of s--t and one use of b-tch but that's pretty much it - nothing 10 year olds haven't heard before.

Sex - 6 or 7/10. I feel like there was too much implied sex, innuendo and possible rape in this film for a PG-13 film. Sure, a 12 year old can handle it, but I feel like ages between 7-11 might find it a bit extreme. I feel like the creators of this film have taken all the superhero action a movie like this needs and replaced it with too much romance and implied sex. There is also a pervert featured in several scenes who keeps trying to grab a character/attempt to kiss her and hold her inappropriately. She keeps screaming and trying to push her away, which means there is some implied rape.

I think this was a very okay-okay film

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