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Has Drug Culture References/Poor Message

This movie just wasn’t funny - my kids barely laughed. I also had serious concerns about the storyline: The yellow bird sees the father bird dying and is given a last message to give to it survivors. Only the yellow bird doesn’t pass on the dying message and instead makes up a lie that he is supposed to lead the family on its migration. He puts the family in terrible danger throughout the movie and when they are finally almost dead at the north pole, and have been repeatedly lied to throughout the movie, yellowbird supposedly “redeems” himself by getting the birds into the back of an airplane that “miraculously” just happens to fly to Africa. At the end, they pass off his dishonesty (that almost kills them on a dozen occasions), as “part of any family...” The message is that it’s okay to lie and endanger other’s lives for your own selfish benefit. It’s likely to be lost on kids but the significant lying and disrespect of other’s wellbeing was troublesome for me. Also common sense media missed it in its review and ratings above but there’s also a big scene that glorifies drug culture when the male birds go out one evening (when they need to relax) for “the good air” & get *high* off of the high altitude air. They even use the word “high” and one character tells another that “you’re not gonna fly straight tomorrow...” It’s pretty shocking.

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Too much drinking/drugs/smoking
age 5+
There are a few instances of love in this movie
age 5+

Little one loved it!

Had lots of laughs, a little peril, and a little sadness. Overall, well done and a good family movie.

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Great messages