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age 13+

Great movie, ages 12-13 and up!

Tried watching with my ten-year old (she just turned ten a few months ago but is still listed as nine lol) We couldn't get through 15 minutes. Turned it off, but liked the beginning and watched the movie...Ages 13 & up I would definitely recommend. Great movie, but too scary for children under at least 12 years of age. Movie plot is great, and not a lot of bad language!
age 11+
I just wanted to say that I was disappointed with the review here. There was more swearing, albeit mild, and a dozen or so "Oh my god"s. In addition, there was a kissing scene between teenagers not mentioned in the review.
age 10+

Great Adventure for Kids!

I must have watched this movie hundreds of times as a kid. I just showed it to my 7 year old and he LOVED it. There are a few scary parts such as hallucinations and a young woman being sacrificed but I know my kid well enough to know that he could handle it and he did. I’m glad I showed it to him so he can enjoy it as much as I did. It also allowed us to talk about different subjects that we hadn’t before such as hallucinations, deductive reasoning, Egyptian religion, cults, etc. This movie is NOT appropriate for most 7 year olds but if you know your kid and know they can handle it, it’s a great option for an adventure that isn’t filled with racist messages (Indiana Jones), fat shaming (The Goonies), or sexism. Use your discretion.
age 13+

Before Harry Potter....

I absolutely love this movie. In the late 1980's my best friend and I would watch it whenever life got especially rough - we would pop some popcorn on the stove in a pot and make hot chocolate (also on the stove)and disappear for a while into the world of this film. I personally was in love with the young Sherlock (actor and character) and seeing this film now - almost 30 years later I am filled with the same feeling I had while watching it originally. This film was spectacular in it's special effects for the day, the setting and costume details were very well done. I think the story was very good! It interested me in Egypt and the occult and Victorian England- and hallucinations! I think it is most appropriate for a teenager because of the violence and romantic plot lines - and the sad ending. I will watch this with my daughter when she is old enough. You know, we did not have Harry Potter back in the day, but this filled that spot in me. Have an open mind and sit back and relax and give it a try- it's a really good movie. Cheers to all who made it because it's a part of me.
age 13+

Perfect Sequel.

This movie was really action packed! It was also REALLY funny as well! I recomend this movie!
age 11+
My friends child (12) loved this movie! He's very into Sherlock Holmes and enjoyed this movie immensely! I recommend it for boys age 11-14.