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Waste of your time

Ok spoilers below... 1. Low budgeted movie 2. Who the heaven made this movie 3. Is this movie budget like 200k? 4. Would recommend this for babies or 3-5 year olds So this elephant is working and a voice tells him to hit a letter on his keyboard and it takes him a long time to hit that dang keyboard letter. After he hits it he is transported to a other dimension and he is told he is "The Chosen One". to save the universe, and he supposedly has unspeakable powers to save the universe from a evil RAT? So then he goes to someone to get more information to how to telleport himself to a other part of the dimension to stop the evil rat. Meanwhile the rat learns of this "Savior of the universe" and turns out the rat has powers to and the powers is called... The powers of the Sauce. So I guess you say a sauce name like Saracha. tomatoe sauce etc to control smeone's mind? It doesn't really make any sense. The end: it turns of the savior is acully the Flea inside the elephant's ear. And the flea tickles the evil rat to the point the rat can't stop laughing. So the rat is stuck rolling on the flor untill the flea is exhausted from tickling the rat. So yeah... don't bother watching it. Same goes for the movie... Zoo Wars 2. Goes like similar like the first one. There is some movies you could literally fall asleep in the middle of the movie and this is one of thoese movies.