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Pointless comedy is a waste of a talented comedic cast.
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Adult Written byhoffmans71 July 8, 2011

OK But Not For Kids

Then is way too much adult content, grown man relieving himself, one man digging into another's front pocket for keys only to be told begrudgingly that they are in the other pocket.. The animals were funny for the most part.

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Parent of a 7 year old Written byMaw2 July 14, 2011

Zookeeper is not all that bad.

Although this movie is alot of what has been stated above. It is nice to go see a movie that I think is just relaxing. A clam movie compared to the violet movies that are out today. It is rather harmless, in words and deeds. The animal portrayal of behavior sets them apart from humans.Showing that people sometimes make dumb mistakes but can learn from those mistakes and come to understand more about themselves and their relationships with others. Altough the zookeeper is an animal advocate, and cares about others beside himself, he realizes he is a human and they are animals after all. It is also typical, I am sorry to say, of the attitudes of some in the world today toward those who are attractive and capable of working hard at what they enjoy. There are also some in this world that are typically wealthy lazy people that glut them selves on the riches and finer things of life, as they believe, not having a clue about how the poor middle class actually have to work for a livng. Over all there were some slower parts of the movie and some silliness that many of us can actually relate to. I really though it was a good clean movie and had a lot of posatives come from it. I would not be afraid to take my younger childlren to see it. However it would not appeal to those below the age of about 9. I think more movies of this type need to be produced. Clean, Family viewing with positive messages, with no cursing, and none of the extreme vilence of the movies today. Violence is becoming more and more viewed as the norm and I can see many ramafications that are coming from that in this world today. The violence and acutlism is so prevelant today in the movies and that is exactly what we are reeping the benefits of in our court rooms today.
Parent Written byacox1976 October 22, 2011

Good, wholesome family movie...not sure why it's getting low ratings in the other reviews!

Totally disagree with review: "Pointless comedy is a waste of a talented comedic cast." I liked this movie, and so did my kids & husband -- we watched it with my sons, age 12 & 16. This movie actually entertained my 16 year old and he doesn't usually sit through a whole "kids" movie. The 12 yr old was cracking up, and despite some of the other reviews, there weren't too many poop/pee jokes -- and the movie actually had a few good laughs. Not sure what the reviews mean when they talk about sexual innuendo -- we didn't notice anything overt and overall, it was an entertaining, funny family comedy. Kevin James' character is the usual silly, clumsy, average-joe, every-man type of character that he's known for -- and in the end he finds out that who he is inside is what really matters, and trying to be someone you're not doesn't work. Good message, funny movie.

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Educator and Parent Written byrareword August 27, 2013

Zookeeper: Okay plot, but kids love it

My daughter's summer tutoring camp showed it to kids 8 to 12. They loved the movie. While adults may notice that plot development is a bit thin in parts, character development provides some valuable talking points for 10 - 12 year olds.
Adult Written byTimTheTVGuy October 12, 2012

Oh CSM...

Oh CSM,why is your taste so bad?! I really liked Zookeeper! Geat comedy,nice acting,great premise,ect.
Parent Written byStepMomSterToo July 23, 2012


This movie is terrible. There's so many good actors, but the storyline is weak and the acting for the animals voices is overdone and annoying. It's a harmless movie, with a good message (that it's better to be yourself than to change so people will like you) but younger children will be lost on the slow movie story and older children will be almost as bored as you are.
Adult Written byKidsrock765 January 14, 2012

Good for kids

This movie is fine. Saying one cuss word "h.ll thats all. Fine for nine year olds

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Parent Written byRobbyWBoy16 January 3, 2012


kevin james is always in funny movies like this one.

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Parent of a 8 year old Written bykasidak December 22, 2011

Didn't do my research and VERY Disappointed

I rented this DVD because I remembered the preview from a movie we saw in theatres. It seemed funny and I thought the whole family would enjoy it. I should have checked on commensense first. The whole plot revolves around the main character trying to woo back his ex girlfriend. The animals of the zoo give their species advice on how to be appealing to the opposite sex. This does involve some funny scenes, but on the whole it was slightly inappropriate for kids. The movies just didn't seem to have a REAL POINT other than some cheap humor shots and a blatant endorsement of TGI Fridays!

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Parent Written byMama Misty January 29, 2012

Scary for little kids

This movie is not for any age. Too much swearing for little kids and too stupid for anyone older. The worst part was near the beginning when the big lion roars at the zookeeper and yells "what the h*** is wrong with you?" This terrified my little boy, whose favorite animal is the lion. He was so upset that his hero the lion would yell and swear.

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Parent Written bysera777 December 29, 2011

Light hearted and refreshingly clean (on the most part).

There was 'weirdness', but yet it was refreshingly clean and void of graphic sexual content. Language was very mild, which we appreciated as well.
Parent Written byBeHappy November 17, 2011

Zookeeper my kids loved it!

Great movie to watch with your kids. There is nothing in the movie that you will mind your 11 or 12 year old kids seeing, it could be G rated. My kids talked about the funny parts of the movie for days.
Parent Written bybarefootdiva70 November 14, 2011

Be true to yourself: the message behind Zookeeper

I thought this movie was a great family movie that has a positive message; don't just be yourself, be true to yourself. You have to be happy with yourself before you can be happy with someone else or make someone else happy.

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Adult Written byYvonne H. November 5, 2017
Waste of time, some scenes show disturbing behavior,definantly for older teens

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Sexy stuff
Adult Written byeleshaergle,rdn February 22, 2015

Good comedy, but somewhat inappropriate at times

The biggest problem that I have with this movie is one moment when the lion says "What the hell is wrong with you???". It was a line that stuck out in the movie and my 3 year old picked up on it immediately. Other than that, the comedy in it was pretty harmless. My almost 7 year old boy finds it HILARIOUS and understands that he isn't supposed to say what the lion did...the 3 year old didn't understand and watched it with all of us.
Parent Written bybills1 October 5, 2014

For morons only

This is the stupidest movie I have ever been forced to sit through! I have an aversion to anything that has talking animals, so that was the first thing. Absolutely moronic plot line and action by everyone involved. 90 minutes of my life that I will never get back. If this movie appears at your house, pitch it in the stove.
Educator and Parent of a 2 and 3 year old Written byMommaOfTwoo July 25, 2014


I agree that this movie was a waste of Kevin James talent. To many sexual references, and yeah kids might not understand them but that doesn't mean they need to be exposed to them. Just a boring movie I think.
Adult Written byage 10+ April 22, 2012

Ok comedy looks funny but dissaponts

Parent Written bymixermatt February 4, 2012

Great flick

language? What language. Crap and hell? This movie was well made with a great message on how to be yourself.. also it had the message of what the inside of a person's heart and not the outter shell.. Great flick

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Parent Written byrhonda96 February 4, 2012

OK movie but not a MUST see

i am parent of 2 kids 15 and 10 they my 15 year old thought it was rather stupid and my 10 yr old thought it was OK i thought it was dumb listening to talking animals for a few hours i was surprised when i heard what the he** because my children are not allowed to say that but it was really OK

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