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Adult Written bymario_rsa January 7, 2010
I am a South African. So far I have really enjoyed the program, but expected far more when my country was visited.

The producers obviously had a political agenda, as they covered a great deal of time on politics. Brazil, aired during the previous episode has more slums and poverty than South Africa but it wasn't even mentioned.

This program should not cover politics as politics and poverty is fairly irrelevant in the CONTEXT of the program.

And if politics is covered, at least show a balanced view.

Did they show the fact that the ANC (ruling party) government is spending the equivelant of 12,000 subsidized houses on luxury trips, luxury cars etc. or that the country has lost hundreds of millions of dollars to corruption through the same government and its corrupt officials? Money meant for poverty alleviation of the same people shown in the program?

It is easier for them to cover the softly softly stuff than to show something more balanced.

I rate this episode 1 out of 10 because the coverage of the country was very poor and the politics has no relevance in the context of the program and its purpose.

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Adult Written bynadora April 14, 2009

i love it

its very goooood post
Adult Written byderpmcderp April 9, 2008


With all the great nature shows coming out, I assumed this one would be one of the front-runners. I was wrong.

The destinations are incredible. Not only is the quality of the camera work breathtaking, the activities available make you want to travel. There are some seriously cheesy resort style gimmicks but it does give a nice spectrum from what serious travelers may do to hotel hoppers.

What ruins this series is the couple. Watching these people interact with other humans makes you lose brain cells. Your children can describe the experiences better than these 30 something yuppies. "Amazing", "Awesome", "Wow".... Just a great example of how the American culture is dimming. Put the show on mute and just enjoy the scenery.
Parent of a 8-year-old Written bypete_in_ca April 9, 2008

The locations are gorgeous, but feels a little like an infomercial

This review is based on the trip to Peru and Machu Picchu.

If you are forunate enough to be like the hosts and be able to travel to these places releatively free, or if you happen to be wealthy, then you will thouroughly enjoy this show. But having travelled abroad myself (and having family members travel to many of these locations) it becomes evident that there is a lot of "promotional consideration" going on in many of the fine hotels and rail lines that were utilized in this adventure.

Aside from having to have a tremndouse amount of money to share in the hosts' expreience, there is some great views and things to be learned about the world we live in. You may not be able to afford your own personal tour guide though.

All in all, very good way to learn about our world and the great places we can visit. Suitable for all ages, at least 6+.
Adult Written bykarolinasmith3 April 9, 2008

Great concept and well done, but annoying couple ruins show

I really like the concept of this show. It seems like a great idea to have a show based on the book "1000 places to see before you die." The show in general is well done, with amazing scenery and very informative. However, when I watch the show I feel like I'm watching another annoying stupid reality TV show. I wish they had a real host on this show, or a least a couple that was a little more entertaining and a little less annoying. The girl sounds as is she is still a teenager using "like" in most of her sentences. In the end I just get annoyed wanting to hear more commentary and less of the annoying couple.
Adult Written byHuh April 9, 2008

Good Family Viewing

This show felt like watching a friend's home movies...which I enjoyed! I'm not very well travelled internationally so each episode is a learning experience for me. And I can't help but feel like the 2 "hosts" are seeing things in the same way that I would. It is different from most of the travel shows I watch in that I don't feel facts thrown at me, rather they ask the questions that I would ask if I were in their shoes. I feel very comfortable watching this show. I like it!!