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Bizarre, booze-steeped cartoon for adults. Pass.
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Adult Written byCosplaykat October 17, 2020

Not For the Whole Family

This is definitely not for little kids. If you can get past the first season, the animation and bad acting, you may like it. Also this may be appealing to those into experimental animation, but not for the casual animation viewer.

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Drinking, Drugs & Smoking
Adult Written byCoyote Bongwater December 31, 2018

Nothing Quite Like It

*Totally contains spoilers. Maybe.*

12 Oz Mouse is a very peculiar article of media, no matter how you look at it. Matt Maiellaro had a vision, I'm sure, and boy howdy did he make something out of it.
Compared to other shows, especially the ones one could find on Adult Swim (I'm talking about YOU, Mr. Pickles), the content of 12 Oz Mouse itself is nothing to start a holocaust over. Sure, they say some fairly minor curse words (hell, ass, damn, bitch), but, I have noticed that they strictly avoid going any farther than that in the salty tongue department. Opting instead for some fairly amusing workarounds. For example, Mouse often would say "Holy Chi" instead of the obvious word (using a hard E sound at the end), Shark utters the phrase "Fother-mucker", and so on.
One thing that is praised by almost all Oz Mo. fans is the almost hidden storyline that really only becomes noticeable to first-time viewers during the second season. Considering the fact that the show was originally intended to be shallow, dumb fun with little other redeeming qualities, the fact that Matt pulled off a plot that managed to be so engaging for this type of cartoon mid-series is rather impressive. I am still not sure why Matt chose THE most crude animation style you will ever find in an actual television show, but for me, it works. The world of the show is intended to be incredibly bizarre with a somewhat dream-like quality associated with it, making the spastic preschooler drawings depict the true nature of the cardboard city and its inhabitants far better than, say, detailed Disney-style drawn animation.
I can definitely see how Fitz could be seen as a role model to young, impressionable audiences as to kids an alcoholic, gun-toting, electric guitar playing, passively violent animal that doesn't care about any form of law, order, or basic common sense and does whatever he wants whenever he wants could seem kind of cool. That's how I felt about him when I was 14. Obviously, though, even dumb kids know living life in such a manner is beyond unrealistic, so I don't really see much fuss about Mouse (Butch?) being a bad role model. Not every character can be Hank Hill, you know.
The show has a fairly violent theme to it. Mouse conducts some zany, GTA style mayhem and often shoots down those who get in his way or annoy him. I think the worst gory moment is Shark getting his head blown off. However, I'll say this. Most kids have always liked violence. There are individuals as young as 6 who have played the Manhunt games, for god's sake. Condemning 12 Oz Mouse for what it portrays just seems silly to me.
The biggest vice portrayed in 12 Oz Mouse is the depiction of alcoholism and pot smoking. The show's world literally revolves around it. Everybody is always either drunk and/or high all the time. It's an integral part of 12 Oz Mouse itself. An interesting choice, I must say. I can see how THIS part might be a problem for some parents, as kids who fall in love with the show might see it as an incentive to start drinking, but once again, this goes back to the age-old retort to any parent's outrage over a crazy show, comic book, game, or movie: If you can actually do your job as a parent and make your child understand why acting out the things they see in media is a horrible idea, you wouldn't need to ban them from these things, now would you?
There are some small sexual aspects of the show that are mainly suggestive in nature, like the She-Wolf in the webisode, the porno that Mouse fails at creating in the first episode, and Skillet being ball-gagged and tied up, but that is probably the most tame adult thing in the show. Plus, I think those are the only examples that actually exist in 12 Oz Mouse.
All in all, I may be slightly biased. I love 12 Oz Mouse. Its characters are interesting and funny, the dialogue is cleverly written, the action scenes aren't bad for an animated show hand-drawn on copy paper, the plot is engaging and adds some humanizing qualities to the protagonist, the storytelling methods that are used create a huge feeling of mystery throughout the show, the characters are pretty charming (Golden Joe and The Peanut Cop are two of my favorite characters for sure), the soundtrack is good, and the unreal atmosphere totally pulls me in and keeps me fascinated. 12 Oz Mouse is one of the most unique shows I have ever seen and anyone who says there is nothing more to it than a mouse screwing around, doing whatever is just wrong. It's not even a matter of opinion, you're factually wrong. Don't believe me? Watch the whole series for yourself. Every episode, if you can sit through it all. It's all on Adult Swim's website.

This title contains:

Drinking, Drugs & Smoking
Adult Written byT J November 17, 2018
Parent of a 10 and 17-year-old Written byAngelos Tsiaklis December 12, 2013


This show is quite... er... strange to say the so so.
Adult Written byRoxyjoxy April 10, 2012

awfull trash..

this show is a useless waste of time.

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Drinking, Drugs & Smoking
Parent of a 12-year-old Written byGoodSSJ July 9, 2011

Pretty Good

The Violence Is Awesome

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Drinking, Drugs & Smoking
Adult Written bybloodybirdbrain November 16, 2008

this show is genius.

whats so genius about it is that behind the crude drawings is a extremely complex story,the kind youd expect in a thriller movie.the one star is really unfair and half the review is all about comparison to other shows,thats not wat a review is about.
Adult Written byMr. Strong April 9, 2008

Good for tweens!

Funny, and tweens will enjoy it!
Adult Written bykinkybabez77 April 9, 2008
This is a sick show. It makes so sense at all. In one of the episodes I did see they had a mouse tide up in almost dominatrix style ropes and I didn't even know why he was there. In another part the whale and the box were in a living room and they killed each other and were talking like schizophrenics. If I had kids I would block is channel during the late night show until there at least 16 or when I confident they know right from wrong. This show might put sick ideas into smaller childrens heads, So be warned parents don't let your children watch this show. Mind you I'm only 19 and I'm disgusted by 12 oz. Mouse. Well this is my opinion.
Adult Written byjfkdsjhfuedrew37r89 April 9, 2008

its terrrible

this show is not appropriate and hey wait ive nener seen it never mind.
Adult Written byawesomeriffic April 9, 2008

very bizzare

this show is very strange while i do see the humor in it and did think it was kinda funny it was revlolving around a drunken mouse who was killing cops robbing banks making porn videos and doing watever he wanted to do it is probably not good for most kids but for some mabye i think it might have been funnier if if it was not so strange obviously the writers think it was funny idon't know
Adult Written byRashianuu April 9, 2008


A hilarious show that is often misunderstood.
If you're not into cult television and Adult Swim style humor you won't get it.