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Educator Written bybugmenot March 30, 2011

oh, really now

that was a horrible review. this show is a classic, and gives animation fans insight into the development of the cartoon network signature style of animations. industry giants Genndy Tartakovsky and Craig McCracken, along with many others, pretty much got their start here, and their early experimentation is a joy to watch. i can only think that the humor and deeper meanings of this show just went right over the reviewer's head. it is a low-key show, with more subtly surreal humor and wisdom than is found in the vast majority of children's shows. "2 stupid 2 watch"? apparently the reviewer is, but there are several levels on which this show can be appreciated, and most any child or adult with some humor or childlike wonder left in them will be able to enjoy it on some level. oh, and 3 out of 5 for drug use? please, no one ever show this person any Looney Tunes. or the world outside their basement.
Adult Written byThe JP Show May 26, 2009

About to see it

Adult Written bySurfer_Clock April 9, 2008

Classic show being dissed yet again.

Just because these reviewers have modern eyes doesn't mean that this show was 'bad.' In fact, I grew up with this show during its brief run. For its target audience, it's perfect! For the stuffy grown-up reviewers, well, it's stupid, just as the title implies.