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Friendly girl helps creature friends solve their problems.
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Adult Written bysciencedad505 January 18, 2019

Stop the baby talk!

This show has a cute premise: a little girl and a bunch of cute creatures called fuzzlies. The girl helps others, people and fuzzly. Some of the catch phrases, “Brain Spark” and “spizacular” are really annoying, but easy enough to look past.
What I cannot look past is the baby talk from the fuzzlies. My 3 year old speaks very well, and has not used baby talk in a while. However, since watching this show, she has began to emulate how these creatures talk. “Me no want to.” “Daddy no go no.” “Where Daddy?” “Me like!” She will no longer be watching this show. It shocks me that the same station with Blaze (super educational), Paw Patrol (kind of educational, but with positive messages), and other shows that help kids learn during their preschool years would have a show that actually encourages kids to regress.
Adult Written bySaamlwrnce79 January 8, 2020

Banned for baby talk

Its a shame my kids really enjoy this programme. But with both children having speech therapy, this show is banned in my house as it isnt helping improve their talking. Also.. how ANNOYING is Abby's voice grrrrr grates on me !!!
Adult Written byPapaKilo June 14, 2019

I agree - stop the baby language

While we watch this show I coach my 3 year old about why he should ignore the 'fuzzleys' - mainly Princess Flug. There are plenty other shows that can teach virtues - Daniel Tiger, Paw Patrol etc. - without reinforcing poor language skills. It could be an easy fix for Nick. As it is - this show is garbage.
Adult Written byAndroyd34 August 2, 2020

Poor Grammar Ruins the Show

Stay away from this show. Not only does this show do nothing to help your child's mind grow, but it actually will do some damage to their speech. There are some common characters that speak with atrocious grammar. I have no idea why they thought it was a good idea to do that in a children's show. Shame on them. The show really isn't even that good, to be honest. Watch something else.
Adult Written byKaypowell4255 July 19, 2020

Grooming Children?

My 2 1/2 yr old son just started watching this about 3 weeks ago.
I thought it was super cute and I have even been searching online to buy him fuzzlies.
Last week, we watched an episode together and this is the first time I have seen this scenario.
Teeny Terry gets upset and he blows up like a puffer fish. For Terry to become normal size again Abby has to tickle his "tickle spot". This spot is located in between his legs.
Terry giggles and he shrinks back to size and is calm and happy again.
Yes, you read that correctly.
I also came across transcript of one episode where it is talking about the "Peepers are peeping". I am aware that those are those little bunny things that live in the egg crate but those words without pictures, are alarming to me.
Maybe I am overreacting but is this so grooming our children for Phedophiles?
Teaching them to accept others to tickle their "tickle spot" to calm them down?!?
What I do know is, I can't let my kid watch this and I hate that because he really does like it.

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Sexy stuff
Adult Written byLilahbee July 13, 2020

This show would be great if it weren’t for one thing..

PRINCESS FLUG. The show itself has positive messages, cute characters and is appropriate for most preschoolers. It teaches kids the importance of friendship and helping others. My only problem with this show is the character, Princess Flug. First off her design doesn’t seem very appropriate for a children’s character. She’s a small, pink blob-like character. That itself is fine. The crown she wears is fine. What bothers me is these big rouge lips she has and ridiculous eyelashes. I don’t really find it appropriate for children’s characters to have such obvious makeup, let alone “drag” makeup but that doesn’t bother me as much as how she speaks. This blob has the most annoying voice and speaks baby talk. She says “me” for every other word she speaks. Example: she thought a birthday party was for her and she proceeded to say the following: “me Party me?! Me presents me?! Me balloons me?!” It’s extremely annoying and if you have kids in the mimicking stage or kids who are just beginning to articulate better, I would advise against this show. Other than that, my 4y/o (who can now articulate & knows not to mimick) loves it. Now that she’s old enough to articulate, the baby talk isn’t really a problem. I just leave the room when she starts watching it in order to keep my sanity.

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Adult Written byJojofan1999 May 8, 2020

bad if you want your kids or siblings to be fluent in English

This show has ruined my sisters vocabulary,my parents let them watch it so they have something to watch but I've noticed that they've started to say "me go to store" or "me go home" and before we let them watch this show they spoke properly ,so don't let your kids watch this unless they know not to copy characters on tv
Adult Written bymalina2830 April 14, 2020

Very cute show

Abbey Hatcher is an adorable show, about friendship, accepting those who are different, and just being a good person. My toddler who is about to be 4 in a few months has loved this show since it started 2 seasons ago, I also enjoy watching it with her. The fuzzlies are adorable and look like cool stuffed animals that have come to life, Abbey reminds me of a modern day Punky Brewster with the way she is dressed, and always helping out everyone. I also like that she is biracial, I know my kids don't notice this at all but they are biracial themselves so its cool to see some of their fav characters on t.v. with families kinda like theirs. All in all I think it's a great and fun show for toddlers and older.

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Adult Written byAmandagreen84 December 4, 2019

Wear earplugs!

This show is beyond annoying!! It doesn't teach anything, everyone talks in third person or says things like "me go away? Me like tea! Me me me!"

The little elevator guy says DING in a loud screachy voice. Seriously if you have to watch this the creators should send you some "splizacular" ear plugs.

Cancel and ban this show. It's the worst!!!!!
Adult Written byjgsmalls September 8, 2019

Not a good show if you care about your kids grammar

This is a cute show and my kids love it. But I work very hard with my kids on grammar and speaking clearly and correctly. I started noticing that my 4 year old's language skills were declining and I couldn't figure out why. She was saying me instead of I as the main problem and other grammar mistakes. The other night I was doing something and heard this show in the background and realized it was the characters on this show that was the problem. I'm sure someone at this station thinks it's cute when a child can't put a sentence together properly but they are only causing a problem for these kids that are still trying to learn how to speak. And when a kid is having trouble in school and being made fun of for the way they talk it will affect them in a way that I'm sure this channel does not care about.
Adult Written byMamabearLuna July 9, 2019

Great other than princess flug

My daughter loves this show and watches it all the time, however, she has been imitating Princess Flug's broken English. Every once in a while I have to correct her when she says "me want, me go me" etc. It's annoying because she didn't do this before watching Abby Hatcher. Other than that, the show is cute and sends a great message about helping others and solving problems.

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Adult Written byMsplat June 20, 2019

S1 ep14 Are those cigarettes?

The show is fine I suppose and I agree with other parents, the baby talk absolutely has to stop. That being said, in s1 ep14 Abby and the rabbit talk in front of a storefront window which displays what resembles open packs of cigarettes on multiple TV's. The boxes, at a distance look just like open packs of Marlboro cigarettes, complete with the red "Marlboro shape" on the front. These boxes also have rotating bursts around them that draw the eye. Closer inspection reveals that they really aren't but they look too close to the real thing for comfort. Shady or coincidence, who knows. Whichever it is it's a poor and irresponsible choice for a graphic element in a children's show.

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Drinking, Drugs & Smoking
Adult Written byMarielG2000 March 31, 2019

Kawaii desu! OwO

This is one of the best present-day Nick Jr shows of all times. My younger sister and I watch this show 24/7 on Nickelodeon and Nick Jr. Flashy animation, great theme song, great role models, useful lessons, the character looks are too good to see and it's excellent! I hope this never gets cancelled or I'll be so furious!

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Adult Written byTcoffin March 25, 2019

My 4 yr old son LOVES it!

It's my son's favorite show. Abby demonstrates how to be a good friend, help others, stay positive, have patience, etc. Abby is your average girl that turns into a super hero type, always helping the adorable Fuzzlies out of bad situations. I had to update my review because other reviews pointed out an important detail (baby talk). One of the Fuzzlies does speak differently (baby talk), Princess Flug says things like "me, sleep, me" or "you, more glitter, you". My son has talked like her before, but in a joking manner, I thought it was cute. However, he already established his own speech pattern and it didn't really influence the way he always talks now. I forced myself to increase the age suggestion to 4 years and up, just because of the possible baby talk influence.

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Adult Written byGeo Jaco March 19, 2019

"Baby Talk" ruins the show.

My wife and I both agree that the show has a cute premise, and we also agree with all of the other reviews that mention the fact that the "Baby Talk" ruins it and now makes the show off-limits to our 3-year old son. We are very fortunate that he is intelligent beyond his years. In the brief time that he has been watching this show, his vocabulary has started to regress into "Me do this", "Me want that".

Like every other child his age, his mind is a sponge that quickly soaks up every little thing he hears. Teaching poor grammar skills to toddlers is not appreciated.
Adult Written bytumbleweed42 January 13, 2019

Baby Talk!

I can’t stand any show where the characters speak in Baby Talk! I can’t get past this fatal flaw to see any redeeming qualities this show may have had. How are young children supposed to learn to speak properly if not by example?!
Adult Written byCalnmace January 11, 2019

Adorable characters and lots of fun!

Preschoolers will be captivated right from the beginning of the fun theme song through to the end with this bright colorful show filled with unique characters. The show’s star Abby is a kind hearted little girl who helps the Fuzzlies solve their problems. The Fuzzlies are unique, each having a different look and loads of personality. This show is wonderful for teaching empathy from a young age as Abby is an exceptional caretaker and role model.

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Adult Written byCaitlinruth January 9, 2019

Beware of bad habits

My 4 year old loves this show. What’s not to love? Cute fuzzlies, heart and star graphics and colorful. The problem is that most of these fuzzlies speak in baby talk. One in particular, Princess
Flug. She’s a princess blob like creature that any toddler would be attracted to, my daughter included. Instead of saying “I don’t like this” she says “me, no, me” it’s awful and being that this show is aimed towards young minds that love to explore through pretend play, this type of speech can quickly become a habit.