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Adult Written byGennifer April 9, 2008

Grooming is a joke

My name is Gennifer and I am a proffesional groomer and the owner of a daycare and grooming shop. i would never allow my groomers to send a dog home ungroomed (unbrushed) however it seems to be a practice that you allow. I hope that you explaine to "Riggs" mom that by not brushing the dog that in six weeks here beautiful goldendoodle will be hairless. Experince is key when grooming dogs. Six wek courses in grooming to not make a good groomer. And for the little mix that your groomer laid on should not have been put on tv without futher explanation to the public, you need to keep in mind that people who are not groomers have no idea why that was required. . There was no reason why that dog should have left your facility with mats in the ears and his top knot looking the way that it looked. I have been grooming for 10 years and in my experince I would NEVER take any of my dogs to a place that would send a dog home unfinished. Your daycare is wonderful. Thank you for your time.. Gennifer owner of Smelly Dog Spa and Bakery Chesterfield MO.
Parent of a 12 year old Written byFrozenValley2019 January 4, 2010

Best Ever!

We both love it! its actually my fav show on tv!
Adult Written bybroomist April 14, 2009

This woman is an insane unprofessional....

With a fair number of years in canine rescue under my belt, I rank this awful, awful show just one notch (perhaps) above the WORST dog show on TV (the "Whisperer" charlatan), only because this one is not even pretending to train dogs. No, for this one it seems to be enough to put them in constant danger..., leadh laws at a national park? Ignore them! Dogs unsupervised in "playgroups" (HATE that concept!) of 20 dogs or more? It's ok, you can run in screaming from the next room when you hear a ruckus. I sincerely hope no one is usingthis awful, unprofessional idiot's business as a "what-to-look-for" guide when they need to board their dogs.... I'd say it should be used more along the lines of that film they showed us in Driver's Ed, with all the mangled bodies in head-on collisions, that was supposed to scare us into driving carefully....
Adult Written byredgoat April 9, 2008

Loved it!

I was quite entertained by this show. I have to hand it to Elise and staff for handling the pooches and their owners so well. Staff reminds me of the cast of one of my fave shows - Northern Exposure. Awesome!
Adult Written byheidir April 9, 2008

Behind the Scenes

There is a web site that tells you what really happens behind the scenes. It's not all fun and half the statistics given on the show are not accurate. On a recent visit to the Downtown Dog Lounge, just walking though, there was one person in a play area with over 40 dogs. Not safe. Just looks at this web site.
Adult Written byhaylstorm426 April 9, 2008

I freakin love this show!

I love dogs, I have four huge rescues of my own, so of course, even tho I live in a rural place, I pamper my own dogs because there is no place to take them for that kind of wonderful treatment. Thanks to Adventures in Doggie Daycare, it inspired me to open my own cage free doggie daycare in my area. I meet with the business consultant next week. Wish me luck... woof woof!!!
Adult Written bydoggiedaycare April 9, 2008

the best progrm EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

i own this place so it is obvious that i luv it and my best employes wud be keeley,cynthia and darla i reeeeeely luv running this place and i luv all the pooches especailly mine (lily and gunner) yeah its the best program EVER!!!!!!!!!