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Silly and funny

With all of the problema we find in the media today it is refreshing to see a show that's just fun and not preachy. My little one loves it the most and even have learned some of the pretend words of the aliens, Wich helped him understand some concepts. (To say "above" or "up" he uses Ixbee's "apweema" which eventually he settled "peema"). He's learning Portuguese and English at the same time and a little bit of Alien too! The only problem is, in some scenes, the aliens spit food, which he imitated in some instances and that created a problem. But I'll never deny when he asks for "Meep Meep Meep" on TV!

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age 5+

a show kids and adults can laugh at

My child watched Season 1 and is obsessed. I guess some parents find the potty humor offputting, but he seems to comprehend the slapstick quality of it. For instance, when one of the aliens farts after eating sriracha, he relays his understanding of it: "That's funny because it's spicy and his tummy hurts, but it's just pretend." I think that if you dissect the comedy, it's perfectly suitable for some younger kids.
age 10+

Not for young learners

My 3 year old saw his older cousins watching this and thought it was so funny. However, they do not speak English (or any human language for that matter.) just "Meem" "Mooom" "Ma". And my 3 year old started copying them instead of speaking English. Definitely would not recommend for littles. also, LOTS of potty humor.
age 4+

Netflix Kids- Alien TV

Hilarious! For kids and adults. My kids laugh almost continuously when watching it, and we aren’t too far behind, only one season so far and I‘ve already lost count on how many times we’ve watched it... it’s the three stooges in alien bodies, greatly entertaining!