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age 16+

Never watching this again!

I was shocked to watch this show discuss a 9 year olds sexuality! It was completely out of line and had no impact on the child's dream to be a clothing designer. The first thing that bothered me was that the child was extremely privileged and lived in a mansion. Then he went on to say that he was gay several times. I have never seen a child's TV program that EVER suggested someones sexual preferences either way. Do children in other segments tell if they are gay or straight??!!! Do viewers want to know what child is gay or straight - very bizarre! WHY is this OK in today's culture? I thought Cam was fun and the boy was also delightful, but why did they ruin it by stressing that this child is gay? 9 years old! My 9 year old daughter looked at me and said what does that mean? I wasn't planning on discussing this Friday night and certainly was not ready for this topic to be brought up on a feel good show like this??! I don't get it! Not watching that show again! Sorry Cam thought you were above stuff like that. What a good idea to bring dreams to kids - why was that story told the way it was told? I feel it was a big fail!

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Too much sex