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Parent Written byCooldee September 12, 2011

Saturday Night Live and Mad TV for children under 12 years old.

All that is like Saturday Night Live and Mad Tv, but without the swearing and sexual talk.
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Adult Written byAl Jackson April 14, 2012

The Old Cast Was Epic

The new cast is terrible! First off lets start with the good ole cast.The sketches were AMAZING! My favorite sketches were "Ask Ashley" and "Vital Information".Even my friends like it.My friend's favorite sketch was "Detective Dan".Which was played by Danny T. (I forgot how to spell his last name.) The guy from "The Adventures Of Pete & Pete".BUT,in 2001 they screwed up EVERYTHING.I saw on SNICK once and the new All That was HORRIBLE.They fired the old cast,and replaced them with a bunch of kids.These kids were terribly unfunny.The scripts became HORRIBLY annoying.Also,the sketches were lame.I mean,one of them was called "Toy E.R" where a doctor fixes toys.Now does that sound lame & dumb or what?! So overall:Avoid the new All That like the plauqe! I highly recommend watching the OLD All That!!!
Adult Written byChuck Reid March 21, 2012


This show is super funny! Well,in its early years anyways.The jokes are hilarious as well as sketches.The scripts are hilarious too.However,in 2001 things started to change.The scripts were not as funny as they used to be,and the new cast was god-awful.So if you want to watch "All That",watch the older episodes.NOT the newer ones.This show gets3/5 stars (because the old cast rocked,and the new cast blows.)