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This is an average PBS Kids show. I didn't expect anything more so I wasn't really surprised when I watched this. I've watched a few episodes and there are only a few good properties to this show. The animation is good. Although, his feels like they just created a Molly of Denali clone and instead of Alaskan Heritage, it's Latino heritage, but I actually like that. In fact, in this episode titled "No-Go Mofongo" they talked a lot about this dish called "Mofongo." I had to search this up! I didn't believe they would go this deep into Latino heritage! Those are it's good properties. Now it's time for the bad. First, Alma always has to think and she kind of gets her own segment where the background blurs and she thinks. Next, in this episode titled "Alma Vs. Eddie, she keeps playing pranks on Eddie so he gets mad. Why? Well there are these teams playing each other called the "Sweat-socks" (what?) and the "City Seagulls. (Not bad.) Since Alma's dad and granddad play pranks on each other, (dad likes Seagulls, granddad likes Socks) she decided to do it except with Eddie because he likes the Seagulls. Alma's granddad tells her he only plays pranks if they make EVERYONE happy. Alma has another "thinking moment" and says sorry to Eddie because she plays more pranks even when he's done. Eddie's fine with it and now it's time for the game! For some random reason, it rains. We don't even get to see who wins. Now that's sad. They don't want anybody's feelings to get hurt, but really? Ugh, I just recapped an episode so that should tell you something. Overall, don't watch if you're over 7 years old, like me.

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Reminds me too much of Sunny Day

This show is alright but the artstyle and voices remind me of Sunny Day which gives me really bad flashbacks.