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pretty good

Its a ok family show for any body

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Teaching good value for life of animals well most of the people do.

I'm only on season 6 however the fact they allowed a guy to let a animal suffer for 3 hours he should have removed from the show immediately he had multiple opportunities to end that life without suffering during that time that should be a rule while all other thank animals for they're life he let's one suffer because he's worried with a bow it's gonna run away hit it again and stop its life that should be a rule no allowing animals to suffer because you're not man enough to make the kill you'd rather watch it bleed out. Before that everyone had my respect while hunting for animal meat. He shouldn't have been allowed to continue and that animal could have fed the crew.

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age 9+

annoying narration season 9

My husband and i are huge fans however this season 9 for some reason there is a new feature added to the show! a voice of someone in the background of the show narrating everything the person is doing! Seriously? It is extremely annoying for someone to be stating every move that we can clearly see happening, please stop doing it, we can't be the only one annoyed by this!