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Parent Written byC M June 13, 2017

Boring and stupid formula

OMG. This year (2017) this show has gotten ridiculous. I used to love this show but it has turned into a crap of pooh. It's one long boring commercial for Ddonuts. I am so disappointed this year.

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Adult Written byconcerned Mom55 June 19, 2014

Disgusted with 12 year-old Comedian on AGT

Though I have enjoyed watching America's Got Talent and have witnessed some wonderful and very talented individuals, I was totally disgusted at the 12 year-old boy on the 6-17-14 show. Not only did he come out and offer appalling soft-porn comedy, but his parents belly-laughed at his outrageous jokes. And to make it worse, they wore the fact of their Christianity on their heads. I am disgusted and appalled that anyone found the humor of this minor funny. What is America coming to when instead of building morality and decency in our young children, that we encourage this kind of lewd act, all for the sake of money and fame? A very sad day for America.
Adult Written bydanceforonealways April 9, 2008

Horrible junk TV

complete waste of time, an insult to our intellegence. No talent, put some talented people on this show who deserve the air time.Staged, looks like something from the 80's. Low budget, Terrible, Terrible, Terrible
Parent of a 17-year-old Written byStuart S. June 23, 2017

Two nude men with pans.

This was so bad in depravity I no longer can view this program. What is said to be a family program has scared me in letting my family even watch this show. It has been found to be in my prayers to be removed from nighttime programing and out of my families approval. We no longer as a family can approve of your perverted programing very disappointing.
Adult Written byBdog32 December 2, 2020

Just Wow

Well I was watching the show and this guy started singing it was not a bad song but ant and deck came out and started dancing but it was not inappropriate. A minute later Alisha and Amanda came out and twerked on deck and ant and I felt so bad for my daughter.

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Sexy stuff
Adult Written bySenior 72 October 10, 2020

A Talent show run just like how a talent show should run

America's Got Talent is a good show. It's 10 times better than American Idol. On America's Got Talent, there is no upper age limit at all. There are senior citizens showing off their talent as well. Some could be in their 80s and 90s as well as anyone else. If anyone who wants to start an "Idol" program, America's Got Talent can teach the the "Idol" shows how to do it right. Setting age limits should only be left up to God to decide and nobody else.

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Positive role models
Adult Written byYellowoarange September 10, 2020


You need to watch this show! This is Amazing, Simon and Sofia are my favorite judges!
Adult Written byAn_Adult November 10, 2019

America's got talent has gone down hill and parents with kids 12- BEWARE!

Some of the acts are appropriate but there are a lot that aren't very appropriate. For instance, There was this one act where this couple was making out on stage and starting going the floor and did some not so appropriate stuff. Or those 2 guys who were running around naked on stage! A another example, this guy who was playing the flute and he was a whole tone off and was stripping on stage and started using his flute as a pole. Then the host joined him shirtless. This other act with 12 yr old... He was making lots of dirty and sexual jokes about male genitals. A another thing I hate about this show is that if a person is geniuenly talented but doesn't have a sob story you would be voted out. But if a person who doesn't have a talent or even an act, they would instantly get the golden buzzer. I mean there are exceptions, but still. This used to be a show about talent, now it's just random entertainment and all about views and advertising Dunking donuts. Don't listen to these 8 yr olds on here saying it's appropriate. As an adult it's hard for me to watch some these acts. Just my opinion.

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Sexy stuff
Adult Written byCanuck Girl August 13, 2019

A Few Good Acts

I think AGT has gone down hill. I don’t get how some really talented people don’t make it and some really pointless stupid acts make it through. The guys chopping vegetables on one another for example went through. I don’t know why I am watching but I guess I will see who wins.
Adult Written byYunker July 30, 2019


I watched a video that a friend sent me of a boy playing violin. In the judges seats, there was a woman with a garment that bore her chest nearly down to her navel, with barely enough garment to cover what breasts she had. This is indecent exposure! With this kind of "fashion" in the world, it's no wonder there is SO MUCH indecent behaviour.
Girl, you're inviting trouble!
This is not an acceptable garment for children to see

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Sexy stuff
Adult Written byihatesingers July 2, 2019


This show is called americas got talent...? I understand not everyone has an amazing singing voice, but people coming to sing a song should really find their way to AMERICAN IDOL or other singing shows... my time is wasted when there are 10 minute ads and then another 10 minutes of singing and hosts talking about how great someone sang some stupid song. also, why all these sob stories before every single set? change it up a bit, its getting boring.

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Parent Written byBible Bama June 27, 2019

DVR and preview material

This show has some genuinely good, inspirational moments. My daughter enjoys watching. But, there is often very explicit sexual references as well as grown men and women undressing to the point of barely allowable on television. This past Tuesday night the golden buzzer was a man who did a striptease undressing all the way to basically nothing. If you're going to let your kids watch this, preview the show and only show the appropriate acts. It's very sad because this show used to be very clean and it's become a bunch of trash. I'd be ashamed to show a 10 year old opera singer in one scene and a naked man in the next. You've gotta know kids all over the world are watching this. Children in the audience watching a grown man undress should be illegal, much less praised and put on television.

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Positive Messages
Sexy stuff
Adult Written byKatFoebreaker February 27, 2019

Has Grown disappointing to watch over the years

The show when it first started was okay, it was something that was enjoyable to watch, but over the years the show has declined so much at times I admit I find the show unbearable to watch. It has become nothing but sob stories every episode and with almost every act. Most acts that make it through rarely had the talent or potential to become a great act and simply passed due to their sob story. Worse some of the sob stories that are told turn out to be false, these types of acts take up spots for some of the other contestants that had actual talent. The Judges are very rude towards constants that don't have good acts, they tend to actually make fun of those acts or say rude things when dismissing them, Mel comes off as very shallow and will pass certain acts if the one performing is "hot" but, fail the same type of act if the performer is not by her terms "hot". This show has grown from a good one with good judgement to a show that is shallow, rude and not one set out to find talent, but a show of who has the better sob story. I don't really think the show is worth watching, you could even miss half the season and watch the last 2 episodes and basically miss nothing. The language, while the swearing is censored, some of the mild things they say are not very appropriate for an age 9 audience. The show is not rated properly and personally I would put it at about 14-15 years of age not 9 years of age even more so with how bad the show has gotten from the 1st season to now.

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Adult Written byChristdad September 19, 2018

Whats wrong with society?

If you want your child prematurely exposed to sexual lingo this is your show.
Adult Written byAsoftspokenparent August 31, 2018

Please Read and pass this message on

You know the other day they had a live contestant on this show and the young man professed how he had felt like an outcast. How he seemed to be suffering from some generalized anxiety and when he is at school he always sat by himself and would eat as quick as he could because he was embarrassed. He had professed in his prelude to the beautifully written song for a man his age both as a piano player, writer and singer that he only wanted to be in love. He wanted to have a moment like the kind you see in the movies. Now taking a minute to pause I would like to mention that I am a harsh critic I would give the song an 8 out of 10 but still it was beautiful and even further than that his age renders it a 10 out of 10. So back to my point when the judges asked him to release the name of the girl he had written it for, he was reluctant. After much pushing he finally told them and then after some negative feedback came the comment from Howie Mandell stating that basically and in my opinion that it’s hard to take him serious when he wrote a love song and is sitting by a doily. I saw the tears well up in his eyes as if you could see that his romantic release of the girl he had a crush on’s name had now become his never ending nightmare. Shame on you Howie shame on everyone besides Mel. I am through with your program. Let’s celebrate young love instead of Halloween witchcraft. And to the young man I will say a prayer tonight that true love comes your way but only if she is worthy of the songs you write for her. (This is all my opinion but had this been my son well let’s just say this wouldn’t have been the only poor review)

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Adult Written byKlech August 25, 2018


The only place for the show hosts to get tv time cause they aren't any good anywhere else. Lame tv show
Parent Written bynuenjins August 11, 2018

"Family Friendly" is a delusional description. Basically high budget Gong Show.

When 2 fat guys making noises with their bellies are chosen over an amazing, flawless acrobatic act, you know that "Talent" is a VERY subjective term here. And when an 80 year old stripper or a potty mouthed comedian are perfectly acceptable, sites like "common sense" are flat out irresponsible in rating this as a kid friendly show. imean really....WTH? You will most likely be sucked in, entertained and hate half of these so called 'judges' decisions, but it's event filled enough to keep your attention. the major production downside is that the editing is very often hacked up and poor. they fast track and skip through many of the acts you WANT to see and seem to focus uneeded attention on low brow acts and gimmick auditions, and this seems to be worse now in 2018 than ever. The pull for this show is to see the variety of talent but we'rs not sure that their lack of focus on deserving acts to focus on cheesy side show theatrics is going to sustain it's tolerability for long before wearing out it's welcome of predictability and simple minded LCD tendancies.

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Sexy stuff
Adult Written byGary A. July 20, 2017

Dissappointed in Judges

I believe judges lean too much on personalities and not enough on the talent. In the last episode, Simon put a dog act through that was ok but paled in comparison to some of the other talent that they sent home. The same was true of the of the singers. They picked an elderly trio that, again, was ok., but sent home a very talented young singer that should have stayed. The difference in talent was blatantly obvious. I enjoy the show and feel good about the fact that I can watch it with my young children not having to worry about foul language or nudity. But it is a talent show and judges should make that decision on that basis, not on personalities of the contestants. Its frustrating to the point of not wanting to watch anymore.
Adult Written byholly b. July 11, 2017

Song lyrics Inappropriate for kids

I haven't watched this show in years, but tuned in tonight, only to see a "boy band" act whose lyrics included, "you're so horny, get on my pony, ride my saddle.." etc. I use closed captioning, so I am sure of the lyrics. Also, a young man lifted up
his shirt and another man stroked his abdomen. All of this was applauded and totally taken in stride by the judges. I was shaken that these lyrics and behavior were on tv during prime time.

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Sexy stuff
Parent of a 17-year-old Written byDesiree O. June 28, 2017

Awesome show

I love this show