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fun for kids, but only superficial ethics

My kids like this show, but from watching it with them, I'm concerned. The characters are well developed, quite nuanced but it's the general episode structure I take issue with. To much of it seems to revolve around lying, deception and complex ploys to get what you want. Although this of course may not work out, the few seconds of each episode this makes up probably doesn't get through to the young audience. I feel it portrays adults and peers as gullible fools to be taken advantage of if you can get away with it. If we wanted to raise a generation of con artists, that might be fine- but I have higher aspirations for my kids.
age 17+

Show sends a bad message

Angelo lies, manipulates and schemes to get what he wants without consequence which doesn't appeal to me as a father of a 5 year old boy! Angelo rules needs to be canceled!!