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I don't really like angelo rules very much but sometimes I do. The only thing that bothers me in the series is that it is low budget and of poor quality. reuse the existing characters in the series to modify them and do not notice the difference and equality. reuse the same existing places in the series and modify them to change things and not notice the equality. You cannot create a new character, place and background in subsequent episodes of the series but only nothing else in subsequent seasons. because it doesn't have enough budget to create a new character, place and background. poor, plagiarized,rip-off and bad plots of angelo episodes. never the writers will make an episode that contains an original plot everything has to be copied and plagiarized from other series. angelo's parents are not good they are very responsible and tough and they behave like doraemon, jhonny test and kick buttowski, sister elena she does not treat her brother angelo well she gets mean with him she does not get along and she always threatens him. Tracy is also the worst, she is always bad with Angelo, she does not get along, she gets tough with him and I don't like that character very much. and his teacher who is tracy's uncle. Tembien is bad with angelo, she never doesn't want to be good with her. and all angelo characters all seek to ruin his life and annoy him. Angelo's family also turns against Angelo. You don't want to be nice to her all the time you have to put bad things on her. I do not like that. bad character design everything looks ugly characters with that ugly and ridiculous design. and what bothers me the most about angelo, which is always broadcast on cartoon network but less on nickelodeon. I don't know why he chose cartoon network but nothing about nickelodoen. the positive thing about angelo is. that i like the new character that came out in the second season which is tracy i liked her cute design. And Elena's redesign that I like looks prettier than ever because of her short hair that I liked a lot and it made me crazy to fall in love with that character. for what I try is to create one of the children of elena and hunter. and angelo ocs with the loud house. one of the children of elena and hunter called is erika, harold, hunter jr, eliza and emily. Erika, who looks like elena as a teenager but as an 11-year-old girl with freckles on her face, wears a slime green jacket and a black skirt under a black gin and shoes similar to that of sonic. that I am inspired a lot with that character. and harold who looks like hunter but as a 13 year old boy who has freckles on his face he wears a red flannel and shorts also inspired me. and another angelo character that also inspires me is betty who looks like tracy (angelo's nemesis) who is a korean-american girl. that she wears a blue sweatshirt, black skirt, round glasses, freckles on her face, pink sintillo, better peing similar to Tracy's and prominent teeth with braces. i have a lot of inspiration with angelo rules to create an american spin-off created by me and chris savino. and be produced by former and former producers of the loud house and the casagrandes and be produced by nickelodeon animation studios. but the spin-off will be subject to the licensed of team to and cake entreteiment.

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Too much swearing
age 8+

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Great messages
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Angelo Schemes

It should be called Angelo Schemes

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Great messages
Great role models
Too much sex
age 10+

fun for kids, but only superficial ethics

My kids like this show, but from watching it with them, I'm concerned. The characters are well developed, quite nuanced but it's the general episode structure I take issue with. To much of it seems to revolve around lying, deception and complex ploys to get what you want. Although this of course may not work out, the few seconds of each episode this makes up probably doesn't get through to the young audience. I feel it portrays adults and peers as gullible fools to be taken advantage of if you can get away with it. If we wanted to raise a generation of con artists, that might be fine- but I have higher aspirations for my kids.
age 17+

Show sends a bad message

Angelo lies, manipulates and schemes to get what he wants without consequence which doesn't appeal to me as a father of a 5 year old boy! Angelo rules needs to be canceled!!