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age 14+

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age 16+

Bawdy-Slapstick Humor Surprisingly Funny

A classic example of the 'it's so over the top it shouldn't be funny, yet somehow is', Angie Tribeca is sure to deliver laughs. Heterosexual and homosexual references, relationships, and situations discussed, though sexual content is relatively mild, if often suggestive. When it is seen, it is usually more akin to over-the-top gross-out humor (one such scene is of a couple kissing passionately, and to represent their lust to audiences, the show utilizes exaggeratedly long, false tongues that stick together and produce gobs of slob-seen as thick, clear, slime as the pair kiss). However, parents of younger children should be aware that the suggested scenes are often very-adult themed (three-ways, BDSM, etc)[one such scene has the detectives interrogate a 'puppy play' orgy]. Irreverence is another issue parents may take offense at, as in most comedies, literally, everything is game to comedic insults. However, a constant theme families could talk about is the often humorous approach the show takes at dealing with issues of gender inequality, and sexism, as Tribeca often deals with the stigma associated with being a female officer in a group of predominantly stereotypical males.
age 10+

Ok as a family show, if your kids are over 10

age 18+

Not really worth it...

Has a funny taste to it, but highly inappropriate (especially for children).

This title has:

Too much sex
Too much swearing
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking