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Parent Written bydoggymom September 30, 2012

Protection Laws for Animals a "Must".

Makes my day when I watch those low lifes get arrested for cruelty and neglect to animals. Teaches children to respect all of God's creatures..especially dogs. Dogs help humans in so many ways!!!! Every country on earth should see this program to educate their people. and have their leaders make strict laws to protect animals.
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Great messages
Great role models
Adult Written byWilderstorm April 8, 2011

Great messages, but too violent/disturbing for younger kids

This show is a truly moving picture of how people treat animals and how we can help. The investigators are clearly very passionate about what they do, and the success stories are very optimistic and touching. However, the violence and disturbing images in the show are too much for young children; I am 18 and still very disturbed by some episodes, such as one where a horse was slaughtered with a chainsaw after breaking his legs in an illegal race. These images and themes are not appropriate for 10-year-olds. Though they should know that animal cruelty exists and must be stopped, the program is too graphic for such young children. I recommend the show very strongly - for older teens and adults.
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Too much violence
Great messages
Great role models
Adult Written bywesnr September 19, 2009
The show is very clearly against animal abuse, and for saving animals whenever it is possible. Oftentimes the animals are euthanized, bloody wounds or surgeries are shown, and the animal abusers get away. It is a good show for those who are aware of the issues surrounding pet overpopulation and abuse and aren't to easily upset. IT is not for young children and squeamish people.
Adult Written bypeludo February 18, 2012

Okay, but Limited

Why is Houston constantly the focus? Animals live all over this country. Sorry, maybe I catch it more when Houston is the focus. When the San Francisco episode aired, they did not focus on the major dog problem area of that city; I felt, far from real. I used to live in SF, and volunteered at the animal shelter. This is probably the same for other cities as well. The crew only goes into areas where they feel safe. I can't blame them, but we're only getting part of the picture. Animal Planet seems to focus on the animals with happy outcomes; but, many animals do not have such a positive outcome; this hurts me.
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Great messages
Adult Written byhorse_gerbil April 9, 2008

Graphic, but Very Important.

The point is to prevent cruelty to animals. Graphic images of dead, dying, neglected, bloody, emaciated, flea/tick infested animals are common, but what do you expect. There is occasional language from the abusive owners, but it is a great show and teaches kids the responsibility of animal caretaking is not to be taken lightly.