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age 10+


I love annoying orange. It was the best show ever. I miss it. Hey wanna hear a joke? What does the train say when it sneezes? A-choo-choo!

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Great messages
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age 7+

It was a good show but I was 17 years I can watch it my child can watch it because it’s a show

For kids

This title has:

Too much violence
age 9+


While "Annoying Orange" may not be for everyone, it's hard to deny the show's great sense of energy and fun, with colorful animation and lively music that keeps things lively and engaging. That said, Annoying Orange can be a bit repetitive at times, and some of the jokes can fall flat or feel a little too juvenile. Additionally, some parents may find the show's humor to be a bit too crude or inappropriate for younger kids.
age 2+

I love Annoying Orange,

I love Annoying Orange, I love Annoying Orange, the Annoying Orange is my kid, I love Annoying Orange, Annoying Orange, Toots! Toots! Toots! Toots! Toots! Toots! Toots! Toots! Toots! Toots! Toots! Toots! Toots! Toots! Toots! Toots! Toots! Toots! Toots! Toots! Toots! Toots! Toots! Toots!

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Educational value
Great messages
Great role models
age 14+

Awful, do not watch it

Annoying Orange is so awful K cannot say it is for kids
age 18+

AO causes behavior issues in young children

AO is a cartoon with fruit characaters that use real human eyes and mouths. The characters berate each other, use mildly offensive language, insinuate adult content, do and promote acts of violence and aggressive behavior to each other. Adults may find it amusing but it's iconic use of human features on cartoon characters focuses a child's attention on the age inappropriate messages while softening or hiding the psychologically damaging and socially inappropriate content in a 'kids cartoon' format! Great way to program a young mind with ideas that ultimately results in unacceptable language and bad behavior (annoying ?) In your child regardless of their age. Impressionable minds copy and imitate, as well as repeat things directly. If you want your child to do that with this type of content, then let them watch this show. Be prepared to accept the results.

This title has:

Too much violence
Too much swearing
age 12+


It's a show that a lot of adults will find annoying. There is crass childhood humor such as dumping dirty diapers on heads or discussing sharing underwear. Pear is constantly annoyed with Orange and sounds exhausted and annoyed at dealing with him. Some might say his tone is unkind or not respectful. Orange eggs Pear on. I went back and forth on this show. I wanted to have an open mind and let my 7 year old enjoy goofiness and poop jokes. But I think there is a possibility that hearing Pear speak down to Orange isn't good for him at this age as he learns to have patience with his younger siblings. I also think he is too young and will repeat poop jokes in places he ought not to. It might just be that I find this show annoying... but if so... I guess that's what a parent gets to do sometimes. Not for our family.
age 14+


It’s definitely a show that does contain a lot of crude humor. They show scary challenges that are not appropriate for little kids to watch. I just really don’t understand why these adults appeal towards smaller kids with the talking food and then put out content that for the most part is not appropriate for small kids to watch.

This title has:

Too much violence
age 8+

Good show

Some people say that its violent but it isnt. It has fruit deaths so what we all eat fruits and vegis. They might try to become annoying orange but who cares thats normal. Its just a show for fun nothing else
age 5+

Similar in humor and storyline to SpongeBob

If you’re looking for a kids show about ethics with a moral message and educational value, this show is not it. Most of the fruit and veggies characters are indeed annoying and the human on the show is an idiot. BUT, this show isn’t meant to be Sesame Street. It’s meant to appeal to young kids with limited attention spans. It has lots of colors, a fast storyline and funny characters who go on wacky adventures and occasionally blow things up. In that regard, it is similar to Spongebob, where the show is about having fun and using your imagination. It has way more violence than a PBS kids show, but way less than your typical Disney movie or bugs bunny cartoon. I would recommend for children kinder and up, but ultimately, use your judgment and definitely watch an episode or 2 before letting your child access the show if you’re worried.