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Parent of a 10 and 13-year-old Written byRodgerE1 August 5, 2013

Attempted Murder on Disney

A.N.T. Farm
I caught a part of an episode that my daughters were watching.
It was about a girl being replaced in a band.
They told the new person that the old person quit, but she was fired.
The girl that was fired cut the brakes of the tour bus because she was mad.

Disney is promoting Lying and Attempted Murder.

This isn't funny. This isn't for children.

What is going on with Disney?

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Violence & scariness
Adult Written bycupcakediva July 30, 2012

Don't Like It

I think this is show makes no sense. I mean this girl can sing and play lots of instruments and she gets to skip three grades? That makes no sense. Lots of people can do that you don't see them skipping any grades, do you? This show doesn't have any good plots and Fletcher can never be an artist like that when he's only 11. They stole jokes from other shows which makes it not funny. Olive, you just can't understand her anymore and she's always spitting out facts with words that little kids can't even understand, which makes it boring. Chyna is getting self-centered now, and being mean to other people thinking it's cool how she acts. That is not a positive role model for kids. Also, this school is suffering budget cuts. I know exactly why, because the ANTs get everything. I mean they get ANT pads which aren't even useful, all they do is watch TV shows and play games on it. Also, Angus gets all that advanced computer equipment? Just for HIMSELF? I don't think I've seen any other person use it except Angus. So yeah, that's just money down the drain. And Chyna gets a personal RECORDING STUDIO, for herself. Do you know how much that costs? I can't believe they had money to pay for the rest of the school. It's like the ANTs are equal the the regular high schoolers because they can just like cut class and go to there little ANT place whenever they want to, and the other high schoolers don't. This isn't positive messages saying that ANTs getting special advantages because of their talents, and I bet the other people have lots of talents too!
Adult Written byRubyha October 23, 2019


The ANTs are amazing role models and there is nothing wrong with the show. Besides bullies, which happens in a lot of TV shows DUH, it is perfectly fine for kids age 8+!!!!!!! I personally think the bullying fits in well.

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Positive Messages
Positive role models
Adult Written byjjjjj498 March 26, 2019

It's fine

this is a nice fun show there is nothing wrong people are just being overprotective of there kids

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Positive Messages
Positive role models
Parent of a 14-year-old Written byrainbow p. June 13, 2017
Parent of a 9-year-old Written bynicole l. July 28, 2016

great show for your kids to watch

it is very funny and has a lot of feeling in it

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Positive Messages
Adult Written byHonestly330 August 17, 2019

Sexual Suggestions

I ran across this show on Disney NOW recently giving my kids are fans of the descendants and wants to watch their shows. Anyway. My daughter loves China Anne. She’s 9. My son is 10. I feel like the interactions and the relationships on the show are too adult for them. I am touching on a particular episode where the mean girl of the school needs help with her computer, she seeks the juicy kid to help her. So the juicy kid goes to her house and fixes her computer but when they see each other at school the next day it is suggested in their dialogue that they had sex. China’s brother who has a crush on the mean girl overhears them talking, So throughout the whole show he believes that they did in fact had sex and is trying to see how it is possible for her to be into the juicy kid and not him. He breaks into her house. When China’s brother confronts the mean girl. She realizes what has been going on.. When the juicy kid arrives to fix her computer again he tells her what to say at school to (which again is suggestive) imply that something sexual went on between them. She then tries to come on to him by backing him up against the wall with her lips puckered. He runs out. Now I ’don’t even know the grades that these kids are in. and I’m no prude but for this to be a kids show I was taken aback by it. Sexual suggestive language and behavior do not belong in kids shows. At. All. Oh yeah and Disney has all those kids lying on every episode and every show. I see why we only stuck to watching Disney junior.

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Sexy stuff
Adult Written byTrisha R. January 8, 2017

Too much obvious right wing propaganda and adult "grooming" behavior

This show loses one star for its obvious right wing propaganda. It loses another star for inappropriate adult to child humor, such as a kid under 12 being asked by the principal to paint a sexual portrait of herself for her boyfriend and the grooming behavior of the guidence councelor. For example, he shows up at the kid's house because he is "lonely" eats the chocolate covered strawberries intended as a romantic gesture from one kid to the other and pulls out a game called "Gibson Pursuit." His name is Gibson. That's not even half of it. NOT okay. I would never let a child of developmental years watch this for any reason, but to point out what NOT to do, or what kind of adult adult behaviors are red flags that children should be aware of. Yes, there are good messages, but the dangerous ones override their value. Yes. Let's yank down a poster for saving Earth and replace it with a lost cellphone poster. Real hclassy. Let's support a club that extorts school funds for personal gratification, get busted by the principal, who than ALSO supports the misappropriation of donatiin funds. Some of tge messages in this are down right DISGUSTING. Not to mention pushing the old anti-women stereotype that blonds are dumb. It's a rotten shame too, because the child actors and actresses are unbelievably talented. More so than on most of these shows. What a waste of their skills. The only thing they are getting right is the anti-bullying message, which you can find throughout. Also, this review has warning options listed that review writers can't even vote one so don't trust them. Actually read the reviews.

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Sexy stuff
Adult Written byAliGA January 3, 2016
Parent Written bySecretary Of War March 5, 2015

Disney training camp for future pre-fab pop stars

A.N.T. Farm, while essentially harmless for kids and moderately tolerable for adults needs to be viewed through the lens of the real world.

The show is yet another in a long line of Disney minor league tryout camps for future pop stars to sing, dance and act their way to enough prominence that they can transfer over to a music or acting career a la Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake, Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, etc, etc, etc...

The show uses all of the now-standard Disney kid-show tropes: Stupid adults, children in charge of their entire lives, missing parents, instant stardom and worship of wealth and fame. The characters are a collection of stereotypes based on whatever special skills they're supposed to possess in order to attend the A.N.T. program, who occasionally learn a life lesson which is quickly forgotten by the next episode.

It's a difficult show to watch if you're a parent with any knowledge of how modern media and popular culture functions, and offers unbelievably unrealistic expectations of the rewards of seemingly very little effort. Easy wealth and rampant consumerism hangs in the background as the students have access to seemingly unlimited resources to make all of their wildest dreams come true in every episode.
Parent of a 3, 5, and 8-year-old Written byDenise A. June 2, 2014

Sexist and cliched

I'm afraid all the girls want "mani and pedis", while all the boys want sports and activities.

In one episode the girls just 'try to get a guy' by showing how fabulous she dresses, blah blah blah

This models behavior that is tired, sexist, and limiting. I'd rather have my daughter watch a show that doesn't reenforce tired cliches of 'what a girl should be'.

And boys, for that matter, are limiting themselves in their understanding of girls by watching this.

Add on to this one of the worst canned laughter tracks our family has ever endured, and you have yet another reason to find another show.

Disney, you did so well with Frozen- why the crap on tv?

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Parent Written bytreat02 August 25, 2013

Good Show!

It's pretty good! It's pretty funny, the ANTs are all nice, and overall I think it's a good show. I felt like the show went down when the ANTs left Webster High. But that's OK, the show is still nice.

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Positive Messages
Adult Written bymultus June 2, 2013

This show has bad messages. I don't think it's good for kids.

Well, I've only seen a few episodes of this show (probably about 10), and I gotta say that I'm shocked they allow this on TV. From what I've seen, all the characters are unlikable. They bully each other and are very disrespectful - and in a serious, not comedic, way. Sure, there is a lot of this in shows, but in this show people are rewarded (or not punished) for their bad behavior. Just look at all the things the kids say to the principal's face! In a real school, that would get you expelled, not just given a dirty look or brushed off. It's senseless and unnecessary most of the time and does not even contribute to the story. The characters seem cliche, but very unlikable. Most of these Disney shows are quite good, but this is quite terrible.

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Educational Value
Parent Written bykgirl1717 February 17, 2013

great for kids

not bad at all

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Educational Value
Positive Messages
Positive role models
Adult Written byMomSmarts101 February 16, 2013

Give it Consideration

One of the better Disney Channel shows. Although it has very frequent insults made by mutual friends, and a lot of bullying by the older blonde teenager that is just about the worst role-model a child could have. But other than that, I like this show much better than the other Disney Channel shows.
Parent of a 7-year-old Written byBoulder Parent December 2, 2012

Little redeeming here

I just thought the dialogue and characters were lame. The typical pretty/primped "mean girl" portrayal was over-the-top, reinforcing the myth that there are mean vs. nice girls, as opposed to the reality that we all have the capacity for both within us. Also the character who plays the ANT kids' supervisor is bizarre and inappropriate, not at all realistic for an educator/school mentor. And finally, the 'TAG kids' in the ANT farm program are all sort of freekish- one makes wax figures of people in a creepy way.
Adult Written bylexi2244 August 17, 2012

Just another dumb disney show of the 2010s

ANT Farm is the WORST SHOW ON DISNEY CHANNEL EVER. How can Middle schoolers go to high school because they can sing or draw pictures? Whatever happened to Math, English, Science, and Social Studies? They are so predictable. The singer says something. BFF tells her everything she knows. Artist kid tells the singer shes so pretty and the chubby kid says something about the smart one. Meanwhile the chearleader walks in with her dumb blonde bff and bullies the ants and thr dumb blonde says something stupid and the repeated laugh comes on. And what is up with the afro dude? How can you keep kleenex and snacks in your hair? Are they trying to tell kids grow your hair into an afro so you wont need purses and pockets.
Parent Written byOne_Direction_Lover August 12, 2012

It Gets Predictable!!!!

It's Get's Kinda Boring For My 12 Year Old And 10 They Said It's So Predictable They Know What Going, To Happen Next When They Show The Preview For The New Episode. It's For Younger Kids That Can't Really Guess What Happens Next!

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Positive Messages
Adult Written byMamacatj August 9, 2012

TV show needs to be tossed

This show is very disturbing and the reviewer must have stock in Disney. They could have done so much more showcasing the talents of China and with a storyline of talented kids trying to fit in. Almost all the characters are deplorable and portrayed as morons. Her father a police officer is an idiot (not exagerating he's a big dumdum), her brother is an idiot, the person who is in charge of the advanced kid program is portrayed as a clown w/wig and striped outfit and has an IQ of 2. The over weight kid is joked about or makes fun of himself with food jokes. Worse of all is the line that the bully says at least once a show to her sidekick, "Shut up Paisley". Paisley is the dumbest dumb blonde ever portrayed in children's programmIng. Why do they have these characters? I find that very disturbing in a children's show. There is no educational value, no social value and what they have resorted to to entertain kids is sick. I may not have been specific enough. Watch one show, you'll see. Disney started with a good premise and trashed it.
Adult Written byTropicalhurricane July 27, 2012

Great show!

Ant farm is a great show for kids. It has a strong anti bullying message for kids. It also has great acting an comedy. If ou or your children like this show than I say tune in every nite they have a new episode premiere. Give the show a chance because I can garentee you, that you would like it or think its just fine.