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Adult Written bymessuup2008 August 26, 2009

growing up

now this really should be for kids but it is a good show to watch when a teens is going threw adlescance and they can identifye with the caritors who r going threw the same thing

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Adult Written byAl Jackson April 15, 2012


This cartoon is perfect for all ages! It teaches lessons and keeps kids entertained LOL!
Adult Written byvioletaA February 5, 2013

Definitely a must for young women

I watched this show when it was still on the air and always loved it more than other "girls shows" on then and after. I remember loving it, but recently I've been going through some of my favorite tv shows from when I was little and found some that I would allow my children to watch (when I have them) and some I wouldn't. This show is the most recent one and I'm almost through the entire series. I see more things now that I may not have registered when I was younger but nothing that concerns me. There are many things that are acknowledged in the show that I haven't seen in many others probably because they might be seen as "risky" or depressing. There is a constant message of being yourself in every episode. Death, is a topic that has been in the show a few times, an elderly woman Carl became friends with and has a more "Harold and Maude" feel to it in that they are both quirky and "weird". Dodie's (one of Ginger's friends) grandmother dies in one episode and the topic of death is discussed, how it affects Dodie who was close to her grandmother and Dodie's younger brother Hoodsie who wasn't and didn't appear to like her that much. This makes Ginger want to know about her late grandmother which leads her to discover that they were rather close when Ginger was a baby. Relationships also dominate a good part of the show and not just boyfriend/girlfriend relationships. The "IN" crowd teases Ginger and her friends quite a bit, but it never seems to make a negative impact on the trio. I apologize for this long review but I truely believe this show is quite good and appropriate for young girls. It even touches on the issue of girls shaving their legs, where Miranda (a popular girl) threatens to tell the school about Ginger not being able to shave her legs. Lois(Ginger's mom) doesn't believe Ginger is old enough to be shaving her legs, and ultimately the solution Ginger comes up with, is to shave her ankles to trick Miranda into thinking she has shaved her whole legs. Religion is also discussed when Ginger discovers that she is half Jewish. I'll end up rambling on and on, but ultimately it is your own decision if you want your child to watch it, there are a lot of different subjects touched on that some children are exposed to, (i.e. single parent, death of a loved one, religion, ect.) if you feel unsure about the content, I'd recommend watching a few episodes and see for yourself if you like it. You could even watch it with your child which gives you a chance to discuss these issues with your child and see how they perceive the show.

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Adult Written byMaddys_Wooden_sox April 9, 2008

I like Tv.

This show is good. I like it. It's a nice show to relax to, and often has brilliant lines that are hard to forget.
Adult Written byChuck Reid March 15, 2012


This show is really cool! The animation is great and its REALLY funny! The only episode I really hated was Cry Wolf.My favorite episode is is Come Back Little Seal Girl.That episode was amazing! I recommend this show!
Parent of a 17 year old Written bysethypoo2000 April 2, 2011

Perfect For The Whole Family!!!!!

This is a very good show, indeed!!!!! It teaches people friendship!!!!

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Adult Written byWaterNymph March 18, 2011
This was a great show. It taught kids morals and was fun to watch. It was one of my favorites growing up. It's such a shame that it's gone and now we have iCarly and all this other junk Nickelodian poops out.

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Adult Written byThe JP Show June 2, 2009


CSM ,This show was oringally rated TV-Y.