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Gripping series balances space thrills with family drama.
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Adult Written byMAnders84 September 14, 2020

Somewhat conservative

As stated, there is a bare skin, no nudity sex scene between husband and wife in first episode. It's like a flashback between two scenes for a few minutes.

Episode 3 reveals 2 women in love with flashback scenes to them almost kissing and spending the night together (but not touching or anything sexual), just chemistry. One of the women is married with a child.

Episode 4 there's talk of self sacrifice due to infection. There's visual of open wounds/ blood/needles. A flashback of a ritualistic you boy being burned post mortem.

Episode 5 there is talk of a dick falling off in space. A daughter lying to her parents & sneaking out with a boy. In space they talk about arousal & orgasms over vegetables & drinking vodka.

The rest of the show has lots of drama and pulling your heart strings.
Will update, once we've watched more.

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Sexy stuff
Adult Written byAdultchecker September 14, 2020

Really good

This show caught my eye the other day so i decided to check it out with my family. After watching it all, i can give you my honest review. This show is definitely acceptable for kids. The whole plot and such is ok for even 8+. The only reason i gave it 12+ is because of the 'sex scene' at the start. This scene doesn't show any nudity nor any sounds. It just shows a lot of bare skin. If you just skip a couple of minutes of that then you should be good to go. That is the only scene that is a bit meh. Its around the 15 minute mark on the first episode. After that, it's smooth sailing. I highly recommend you check it out as it's a fantastic show for all ages.

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Positive Messages
Positive role models
Adult Written byCollegekid57 October 10, 2020

Aside from a few scenes, it could be totally family friendly

Spoilers ahead. There’s a few times where an erection is mentioned, the beginning where there’s a little nudity but once you get past the first episode that’s pretty much gone. There’s a lot of intense and dramatic scenes regarding the spaceship and will they make it or not so if your kid doesn’t like those scenes then it would be a hard show to watch. The girl disobeys her mother/father and sneaks out with her boyfriend and does other things she shouldn’t do. Overall it’s a good show to demonstrate the power of family and it portrays disability in a decent light, as one character ends up in a wheelchair quickly. My 13 year old sister lost interest in the show after 3ish episodes. I don’t remember if there was cursing or not but I think there’s a couple s—t in there just because of spaceship malfunctions and such.

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Positive Messages
Positive role models
Adult Written byKKH September 13, 2020


Moved sloooow and was boring. I had trouble finishing the first episode. Has some language and the first episode there is a sex not for kids.
Adult Written bywesternsky September 20, 2020

Pretty bland

Good show, there is a sex scene during the first episode and some same sex romance. Other than that it's okay.
Adult Written byYankeebatts September 11, 2020

Fun story with very very positive themes

This is a fun Sci-Fi story with a lot of good characters. The story is a great combination of the complexity of space travel and that of family life. The themes are all positive and will leave viewers with a sense of the trinity that is science, God, and nature.

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Positive role models