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"Awesomeness" Not So "Awesome"

If your child has a "terrific sense of humor" and likes a good "laugh" then he may find the trendy Kids Show (Awesomeness, based on Youtube Channel fame) to his liking, but having watched this show myself as a concerned adult I find "Awesomeness" "not" to be so awesome but just a mere "parody" of kids life issues which is "okay" if that's what your looking for as a parent to show or teach your kids but I found that "Awesomeness" lacks the "educational" and "learning" potential that they should be getting out of today's kids shows and not just laughing their heads off (which I found myself doing more myself then learning anything; yes I'm a kid at heart but as a concerned adult I do take an interest in children's programming) . "Knowledge is power" and "learning can be fun and entertaining " when done right and with good intentions which means that "kids and families TRULY benefit" from a television show designed for kids/families. I think "Awesomeness" misses the mark even though it is entertaining and for thirty minutes (twenty two with "consumerism" tied into the show i.e. ads) I don't find it harmful for kids to watch even though the stereotypes in this show are "parodied" ). I just feel as an adult that shows are not necessarily top quality based on a "Youtube channel" are they? Or question is, should they be? An effective TV show designed for kids and families are "thought out, planned out" and planned, developed and created by "the right people" wh are interested in "quality programming" for kids and families and NOT just the bottom line which is the reality because ratings and advertising is what television is all about !
age 2+

The Best Of Its Kind

After the release of this show, the Dizney Channel produced a shockingly similar series with the same structure. The Nickelodeon one is (of course - Nick has been the number-one cable network for kids since before the Dizney Channel was created) best and actually can get pretty funny for all ages. Avoid prank-based episodes (the Dizney Channel seems to love pranks as well) and try to view the Swag Master J segments, which actually have lessons.

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Great messages
Great role models
age 18+

A show so stupid, I keep forgetting to review it

I keep forgetting to review this "show". Or should I say "entertainment". Oh wait, it's not a real show, and it's not entertaining. It's an abomination. It's on the same level as Sanjay and Craig. I hope they cancel this but they probably will. Although for some reason Sanjay and Craig AND The Haunted Hathaways were renewed. Which I AM NOT HAPPY ABOUT. Like I mentioned in my review for The Thundermans, Nick no longer seems to know the definition of quality entertainment. But at least this show doesn't have any fans. Unlike The Haunted Hathaways, Rabbids Invasion, Sanjay and Craig, and even Marvin Marvin. A site whose name starts with TV and ends with com rated this show with 1.0 and The Thundermans with 1.7 (they were previously both rated with 1.0). Meaning these shows don't have any fans there. I mean, even Marvin Marvin had a few positive reviews and a rating of 1.9 and not 1.0. I mentioned the name of the site is considered profane here for some reason. BUT WHY? TV, a dot, and com are profane?! I mentioned in my review of The Thundermans that that does NOT make ANY sense. At all. SERIOUSLY. It's extremely annoying. But at least I can spell the dot. Maybe they should reconsider. Really what makes that profane? Does anyone know? I cannot for the life of me figure out WHY it's profane! If you know please tell me. Someone should complain to the site about this. But back on topic, this show is awful. It's a wonder the average from us kids is 2/5 and not 1. But I did see a 3/5 review (which I respectfully disagree with, because the person at least has a right to their opinion, even though I disagree with it.) I also saw two 2/5 scores and one 5/5.

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Too much violence
Too much sex
Too much swearing
Too much consumerism
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking