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Mock reality show plays up drama, pushes product tie-ins.
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Adult Written bytricky123 November 30, 2015

Poor quality

These characters are vapid, sarcastic and rude to each other. Shouldn't even be a kids' show! Reminds of a cartoon version of the Kardashians.

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Adult Written by12345Meep May 4, 2020

Too much sexual content

First off: it has a girlfriend and boyfriend. That can tell kids that it is ok to date and might try some of the stuff they do on a boy or girl at school. Second: It shows the girls wearing bikinis and bras. Third: The theme song by Aqua has Ken saying: "Kiss me here, touch me there, hanky panky." also referring to Barbie as a "Blonde Bimbo". Finally, I Barbie looks bodily appealing, and can make your child think of all kind of horrible things. would not let my kids watch it until they have the sex talk.

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Sexy stuff
Adult Written byMichelle W. August 23, 2017

Inappropriate and overly sassy

This show is very funny for adults but has no redeeming value for kids, especially tweens. After a few episodes my six year old was emulating the characters, ("oh give it a rest, Dad!") and the show was banned until further notice.

The relational aggression between characters is extremely intense and there are definite body image issues as well.

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Parent Written byAnna B. May 20, 2016

Very Shallow!

Shallow characters, lots of name calling, jealous "bffs" and lots of stereotyping. Some humor, but mostly it made me want to gag.

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Parent of a 10-year-old Written bySarah H. August 7, 2017

We love this show!!!

My 10 year old daughter has seen every episode at least 30x. This show never gets old to her and has her doubled over with laughter every time. She loves Raquel and wants to be her for Halloween. Well as long as she doesn't see anyone she knows (Barbie's for babies she says). She loves to reenact scenes from the show, and they are almost always the ones where something awful happens to Raquel. Makes for some very funny home videos. I love the show too and don't see anything wrong with it.
Adult Written byKatrina B. June 30, 2017


I've been a Barbie girl since forever! Despite my age today (which I will not mention;P) I still keep up with the latest Barbie movies and admire the dolls. When a friend of mine when I was in highschool told me about Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse I knew I just HAD to watch it! And I absolutely loved it! I love how hilarious it is while still being good for kids. If I were to choose only one thing I don't like is the jealousy of Raquelle and I really wish there was more stories about Barbie's group of friends and maybe some romance going on to add more guys to the group other than Ken and...well, Ryan:D
Adult Written bySavannahSnape K. June 8, 2018

Literally one of my favorite shows

It is HILARIOUS they’re all really dumb and Ryan dance a like a crab and it’s so funny WATCH THIS SHOW you will love it.
Parent of an infant and 2-year-old Written byMadeleine L. January 10, 2018

Funny, positive, light hearted

So many negative comments on this page.
*Barbies constant positive attitude
*Always building up her friends and family
*showing generosity to her friends and family
*showing problem solving skills and not giving up
*positive relationship with "boyfriend", showing how to appreciate and be greatful and kind
*sensitive to how others are feeling and showing how to be kind to those who aren't necessarily always kind to us.
*shows confidence, and not to choose one friend over another, she considers all her friends to be her best friend, and that new and old friends are all included
*shows that there will be guys that want to date you, and even though you're not interested, she doesn't feel guilt tripped into anything because a guy does or gives you something.

*yes, there's no variety in the characters body shapes or sizes, but they took the real dolls and animated them. But it's a parents job to explain just that- they're dolls and the show isn't real life.
*some characters show negative attitudes and views. But parents need to emphasize the postive resolutions that outweigh the negatives, and explain what values are important, etc.

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Positive Messages
Positive role models
Parent of a 4-year-old Written byErin W. April 26, 2017

Not what I want my daughter learning

This show is full of drama, materialism and consumerism. The characters value their stuff way too much, and the plot lines are usually centered around materialistic stories or dumb drama between the characters. Rarely is there a moral at the end of the episode.

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Adult Written bypaola d. August 24, 2016

More than just a Barbie Show

The creators of this show are very aware of the stereotypes that surround Barbie and constantly poke fun at it. Like pointing out how she climbed mount Everest in high-heels. Many jokes revolve around how Perfect Barbie is. Barbie is surprisingly very likable besides being virtually perfect, always finding solutions to problems and being a very nice person. She actually does challenge a lot of stereotypes, similar to the Powerpuff girls, her femininity doesn't get in the way of her goals. She's am airpilot, directs films, excellent friends, doctor, business owner while simultaneously having an endless pink closet. Her relationship with Ken is also very unique, its a role reversal in a sense, where Barbie focuses on her career, while Ken literally dedicates his life to being the best boyfriend. Her sisters have diverse interests and abilities ranging from extreme sports to building cars. Consumerism is very blatant, but so are the values of creativity, friendship, problem solving and self awareness.

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Positive Messages
Positive role models
Adult Written byDJC14 August 11, 2021


I really enjoy watching this with my 5 year old. It’s really funny, fast paced and I like how it stays true to the actual toys.
Adult Written bysamturner May 22, 2021


This show is HILARIOUS. As long as your kid is about 10 or over, it will be obvious to him/her that the show is a parody. I watch it with my younger sisters (22 and 10) and my mom and we laugh so much at how ridiculous the characters are. It’s also so fun to see some of our childhood toys come to life, like the shower with the water pump you have to hand squeeze and the convertible. The Barbies have to put in a battery that’s human size (so huge for barbies). Bottom line — the show is silly and honestly well written clean humor. I’m shocked by how much this show actually pokes fun at Barbies and the whole Barbie world. I wish there were more seasons.
Parent of a 10 and 10-year-old Written byLBB1968 March 9, 2021

Funny jokes but too focused on fashion

In this show, Barbie is too focused on fashion. And Barbie's friends are too focused on Barbie and on her looks and her fashion instead of thinking about who they are and what they have and how they act. I think Barbie is spoiled and every episode is about a tiny problem she has and she gets help right away from friends instead of being independent and solving her own problems. Barbie is a stereotype of a girl because she's into fashion, clothes, makeup and she loves pink and always wears pink and her whole house is pink. You should also know that the animated characters look just like the dolls and are stiff and not realistic looking at all. Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures is a more realistic show. It's less about fashion and more about adventures and about other characters in the show, not just Barbie.

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Adult Written bythemamacow January 30, 2021

dont watch dis

dont ever watch dis show. my 5 old dauhter took my phone and tryd to turn our fyar onn like BARBIE. and puld her brodas teeshirt because i sed she cant get toys with pooket money.
Adult Written byTheKamikazePickle September 1, 2020

Obsession with fashion and looks, but quite entertaining!

Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse is a mock reality show set in a fictional Malibu. The main characters are, of course, Barbie, her boyfriend Ken, Barbie's multitude of friends, and siblings Raquelle and Ryan, who act as the antagonists. Raquelle is always up to some scheme to gain popularity or steal Ken for herself, while Ryan is out to attract Barbie. The antagonists always get their just desserts (usually demonstrated through physical comedy).

The episodes don't outright teach morals, but good messages can be found. Don't be petty, be yourself, get along with others, things like that. Two episodes in particular revolve around Barbie's friend Grace (an African-American woman) and her love for science, which I could see being a great lesson for young girls to learn.

Unfortunately, the good aspects are often overshadowed by a strange obsession with fashion, fame, and beauty. All the girls are pencil-thin, with Raquelle being the only one who is ever shown as less-than-perfect lookswise. Characters are frequently shown shopping, having fashion shows, and talking about clothes.

The show pokes fun at itself quite often, and is genuinely enjoyable for adults to watch alongside their kids as long as they're willing to overlook the vapidness of its material.
Adult Written byPinkerton13 July 12, 2020

Sending the Wrong message to kids

I am a big fan of the older Barbie movies. This show is nothing like them. It’s superficial, stereo typical and materialistic. This has pretty much all the negative quality’s you wouldn’t want your child to pick up on or have. It’s a horrible show if you love your child and want your child to grow up to be a decent smart human being then just say no to this show!
Adult Written byMonicaChristine February 15, 2019

I actually enjoy watching this show!

I love this Barbie web series! Don't know why there are so many negative reviews of this show! Yes, there are some superficial characters, and sassiness, but Barbie is always her super positive self. I find the show very amusing, and my daughter absolutely loves it! We both find the show hilarious! If your child is overly impressionable, and doesn't have their own sense of moral values, maybe then, they shouldn't watch it. Parent's complain about this show, but shouldn't you be raising your children to not learn their values from a TV show? Just a thought.

Also, whenever a character acts selfish, self absorbed, or mischievous, things don't go their way, and end in disaster. That's a lesson right there for kids, showing how behavior like that, ends with negative results.

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Positive Messages
Positive role models
Parent Written byChristopher V. February 19, 2018

This show needs to be banned

Seriously I am a father and nothing drives my nerves more than my daughter watching this shallow, uneducated swill. I am trying to teach my daughter to be a smart proud woman who is not vain and judgemental and that's all this show promotes. Using made up words that promotes sounding uneducated to be cool and popular. Reinforcing the idea that girls don't have to be well spoken as long as they are blonde and beautiful and rich. All the wrong messages for a young woman in today's society, I really wish they would discontinue this show. At least others like Sophia the First and the like have messages about humility, selflessness and moral fiber.

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