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age 17+


Constant sexual stuff. Close up shots of a girls camel-toe while she’s wearing a thong, she has to suck poison out of a guy in an “interesting” position. Violence isn’t as bad as you’d think. Once scene insinuates that a child is about to be raped while next to sleeping child. Shows breasts, butts. Not a god storyline, basically D&D hentai
age 16+

What you get if you let a 14 year old be dungeon master

Classic old-school anime schlock with ''HORNY'' and blood flowing through every orifice (the end credits is litterally raining naked women worshipping the protagonist). Much like barbarian pulp fiction that inspired it the female cast is constantly at war for who can be the most scantily clad; when theyre not totally naked (albiet with no genitals and sometimes without nipples) and are always looking like theyre posing for Penthouse. There are even more butts then there are (still plentiful) boobs on display here (atypical for anime). Even the male protagonist does much of his rampaging in the buff; as well as make every cancellable advance towards women know to humanity (the show has 0 interest in catering to #MeToo sensibilities) including more than one relationship that can be interpereted as child grooming. But the show rarely takes itself seriously. Still some extended, gawky and lewd sequences of fantastical sexual violence toward beloved characters (the clothes melting slime scene being chief among them) pushes the line. The there is a very sussy "blood sucking" scene in ep 4 humerously shot like hentai (with the females thong clad butt standing at attention facing the viewer). Then theres your comical waves of blood splashing and raining body parts from every attack. Only PG level profanity however. Overall a rollicking adolecent guilty pleasure. Extra star for the Coldrain Opening.

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Too much sex