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A great series with great detail!

This is my favorite historical documentary series. It is so incredibly detailed, so detailed that I fear that people new to historical subjects or military will not understand some of the things in this series. The only thing that I do not like about this are the unnecessary animations that are very similar to the movie “300.” I have specific opinions about each episode that I will list below in order of when the episodes were released. Episode 1 (Hannibal & the Second Punic War) - This episode covers multiple battles, 6 if I remember correctly (Carthaginians in Spain/ Battle of Rhone Crossing/Battle of the Ticinus/ Battle of the Trebia/Battle of Lake Tresimene/ Battle of Cannae), which is why I like this episode a lot. Hannibal is a bodybuilder in this episode which is unnecessary, but it is still very good. Episode 2 (David vs. Goliath & David’s Wars) - If any episode in this series should not be shown to kids, it would probably be this one. I say that because of David’s sexual relationship with Bathsheba, the gruesomeness in battle, and the story of family dysfunction. This is my personal 2nd favorite just because of the intriguing timeline, though. This episode includes the aforementioned David vs. Goliath, the end of Saul’s life at the Battle of Mt. Gilboa, David’s civil war with Ish-Baal, the Conquests of Edom and Moab, the Battle of Helam, an unnamed battle in the Aramaean Empire, the Siege of Rabbah, and the Battle of the Wood of Ephraim. Episode 3 (Joshua’s Conquest of Canaan) - This is episode 2 of 3 of the Israelite episodes in this series (even though they are out of order in terms of when they were released). Joshua, in my opinion, is a very underrated military leader, and this episode gives Joshua the credit I believe he deserves. Battles in this episode include the famous Battle of Jericho, the Battle of Ai, and the Battle of Gibeon, as well as a brief recap of the rest of Joshua’s conquest. Episode 4 (Julius Caesar & the Siege of Alesia) - This episode features a singular battle: the Siege of Alesia. This battle, especially the tactics used by Julius Caesar, are so complex that it deserves deep attention by someone watching. Things such as the construction-making of walls, a battle of starvation, and respect for your enemies are featured in this episode. Episode 5 (Moses & The Exodus) - This is my favorite episode in this series and it’s not even close. I’ve had a high interest in Ancient Israelite history and it’s because of this episode. Featuring the young life of Moses, the crossing of the Sea of Reeds, Mt. Sinai, and the Jordan Valley Campaign, this episode is so intriguing and so detailed. Episode 6 (Alexander the Great in India) - This episode also only features one battle: the Battle of the Hydaspes. Alexander the Great is known as one of the greatest military leaders of all-time, and that is shown in this episode. A great battle endures with great strategy and tactics between Alexander’s Macedonian-Greek army and the army of King Porus. Episode 7 (Battle of Kadesh) - This episode features the Battle of Kadesh between the Egyptian army lead by Ramses II and the Hittite army lead by King Muwatalli. This is probably my least favorite episode of the series just because I feel it is a bit longer than it needs to be, but I don't want that to degrade it. I still think it's very interesting, especially it's focus on the art of chariot warfare, but it doesn’t have to be as long as it is. I feel they could have done more with this. Episode 8 (Battle of Marathon) - I have to give credit to this episode because this started my love of History. This introduced me to the way of an army and the true tactics involved in a battle. This is such an intriguing and interesting episode that gives incredible detail. Things like the weapons and armor of each side, the generals of each side, and the aftermath of the battle are featured in this episode along with the battle itself.
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Really good show

Really good show a little violent yet it's worth it it's really cool