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The series follows a middle -aged GP who lives in The Bronx and runs a small local clinic with the assistance of his receptionist, the wise-cracking Margaret with a tough-love approach and the sweet, well-meaning but clueless Linda, his assistant. Becker is shown to be rude, opinionated and hateful as he often rants about many trivial things that annoy him in his everyday life. However, at times, especially during his work, he is shown to have a heart and is genuinely passionate about his work. Becker and many characters throughout the series is foulmouthed with words like damn, bitch and crap being the most prominent. Talk of relationships and sex is also shown in the series. Bob, a main character until season six often hits on Reggie, the owner of the diner Becker visits regularly. Becker, Jake, Reggie, Chris, Bob, Linda and occasionally Margaret make a number of sexual innuendos throughout the series as well as minor or guest characters. Linda's outfits are shown to be slightly provocative which makes her popular with the male characters but she is often creeped out by their advances. Many jokes are also made about race, gender stereotypes, homosexuality and many other political jokes (Becker has a strong dislike of President Nixon). Becker has a general hate of the world (although he has been in multiple relationships throughout the series and is shown to have a heart deep down). However, Danson and the supporting cast pull it off and make you want to punch Becker in the face yet understand him at the same time. Great show.

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