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Better Off Ted

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age 12+
I LOVE this TV show. It is funny, quirky and just an overall great show. There is some mild swearing, but the worst it will get is "s**t". The violence in there is mostly played for laughs, with one or two exceptions. There are a LOT of sexual jokes, but they are usually somewhat mild, and in one instance, the concept of sexual harassment is played for laughs. There are three BRIEF times where characters are shown having sex, but there are no parts shown. Lots of talking about dating and somewhat sex. But overall, a great show, and kids who have already had The Talk or have had sex education already, they should be fine to watch this.

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Great role models
age 11+

Funny and entertaining :)

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Too much sex
age 11+

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Too much swearing
age 10+

Really Funny

This is one of my favorite t.v. shows. It has a little bit of sexual comedy and language, but the language is rare and not very bad. There is a bit of sexual humor but no "parts" and it isn't worse then most other shows out there. Overall, really funny, but not for kids under 8 or 9ish