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Adult Written byShaDucky April 9, 2008

Favorite Midnight Drama

My husband and I are crazy about this show. It is our sinfull thing that we can't tell anyone. The story is good, but there is a lot of sex and other questionable things. But I would not let kids in the room or in ear shot of the room (sex scenes are graphic at some points)! Have fun!
Adult Written bymborovsky April 9, 2008

Not for kids

This program is not for kids maybe for teens but defonitally not for kids. It shows male nudity (butt) and in every episode there is sex. The main charictor has wives and the whole shoe is about pleasing them. He went to the DR to get Viagra and uses it in every episode.
Adult Written bysweetbearies January 21, 2009

Big Love Is Great

Great love is great with some stellar story lines. Yes there is quite a bit of sex, but this is an HBO series and what are you expecting. Big Love would probably have an R rating if it were a movie, but I think that does not mean kids cannot watch it with their parents. When I was a kid I watched movies that had adult themes with my parents and that was the best way, so they could explain things to me. However, most of the time those things really went over my head and it did not make me go out and have lots of sex. I think some parents are overly concerned about the amount of sex on Big Love because there is much more about from what kids say at school to each other on a daily basis. Come on, it is just a show and cannot corrupt you!
Adult Written byDad of Six April 9, 2008

Unrealistic Portrayal

I doubt this show will last, it's not near the caliber of The Sopranos and once the novelty of a man married to multiple spouses wears off, there's not much left. Despite the lip service that the show does not depict Mormons, it does drop subtle hints that imply a connection, which is unfair to Mormons who have gone to great pains to distance themselves from the practice since the mainstream Mormon church discontinued it decades ago. Don't waste your time.
Adult Written byonethatwassheltered April 9, 2008

For open minded only

First off, I don't agree with polygomy!! Second of all, I don't believe in over sheltering children. I was very sheltered as a child, and it did me more harm than good. In this show they use actual terms which is refreshing. Seeing as how sexual children are at such young ages, I think that it is important that parents sit down with their children and talk about what their children are watching, and explain the consequences that tv often doesn't address. As long as parents are watching this show with their kids I don't think this show is bad for the minimum age group of middle schoolers. When I was in 6th grade (almost 9 years ago) kids were already having sex, I can't imagine things have gotten better. Kids know so much at young ages but if parents don't talk with their kids, the kids are more likly to go out and find out first hand through experimentation, which ends with teen pregnancy and kids with STDs. I can understand why some are weary but if the parent sits with their child and can explain some of the show then it doesn't have to be a bad experience.
Adult Written byecw0647 March 1, 2011

Interesting show regarding the frailty of belief systems

What several other reviewers have failed to mention is that the show has a lot to do with belief systems and how we come to have certain beliefs, not to mention the compromises and deceits made in the name of those beliefs. I think it would be a good show for parents to watch with older children to discuss what goes into belief systems, how fragile (and often silly) they can be. Ironically, the best role model is Sarah, Bill and Barb's oldest child. In my opinion, the show is extremely cynical, but that's what often makes it interesting although it tends toward redundant and very soap operatic in the later episodes.
Adult Written byMindypin April 9, 2008

Another good reason to dump HBO...

Terrible shows like this one are why we dumped HBO. They just love portraying the sick and twisted as just "another lifestyle." Well, they're not getting my $$ to do it any longer.