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Body-hair martial arts antics are the pits.
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Teen, 13 years old Written bySwedenFan505 November 19, 2019


Nothing to inappropriate just some violence.

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Teen, 15 years old Written byDakotastrophe August 17, 2014

A Journey I Never Wanted To End

I had memories of watching Bobobo-Bo Bo-Bobo back in the days of Toonami. I recently decided to watch it again. In no way was I disappointed. To those of you don't understand what the show was about, it's practically the "Weird" Al Yankovich of anime. It followed every stereotype imaginable (indeterminable species characters, cute mascots, etc.) and did so wonderfully. While the show was silly, that's where it's strong point was. By no means is it a show to take seriously. It did amazing in breaking every anime trope imaginable. In regular anime, the bad guy would shoot an attack and the hero would block his friends from it. In this, the hero use his own friends as shields, or will just straight-up attack them for no reason. Back to the quality, it was one of very, very few shows that made me legitimately sad to see end. Everything about it, was amazing. I never wanted the series to end. Even if it went on to become, I don't know, simply one offs starring the characters, I would love it. This will be great issues I'd ever seen, if not the best. Whenever I had a bad day I would know that, at least I can still watch the next Bobobo. The series meant a lot to me, featuring characters and such that I truly cared about, and was very upset over ending. If you haven't seen the show, you have to. I have never seen a series make me so impossibly interested in it, or laugh so hard as Bobobo-Bo Bo-Bobo has. "Whenever there's a head of hair threatened by a criminal clipper, I'll be there! I am Bobobo-Bo Bo-bobo, who'll protect the peace and freedom of YOUR hair!"

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Positive Messages
Positive role models
Teen, 16 years old Written bySamurai 2.0 May 6, 2011

Only grade-school boys will enjoy it. I only enjoyed it then.

This show used to play on Toonami. I loved it. I decided to rewatch it a few months ago. It was confused and bounced off the wall. I hated it. Grade-school boys will have fun with this acid trip wanna-be, but anyone above the age of 12 will be horribly confused.
Teen, 13 years old Written byKinbJune April 18, 2011

Bobowha-what- Bowhat-saywhat?

Ok, this is the WEIRDEST show I have ever seen. The only episode where they actually stuck to the plot line was the first. That was the only episode that was actually related to the commercials. It was entertaining, but it rarely came on. It was funny at first, but over the years it aired, it just started getting random. I couldn't follow the plot line after the 3rd episode. When it came on, they usually were doing something crazy or whatever, and it wasn't exactly funny, it was just random and repetitive in the way that Shonen Jump just ran out of ideas with episodes. I guess I can suggest this show, but only someone with 200 IQ points, no, not even that, could follow this story.

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Teen, 14 years old Written bySilverSnake July 24, 2010

Bo bo bo bo-bo bo .... huh?

Its too random for words... its disturbing, makes no sense, body hair is used as a weapon, and it looks like he's dating a little girl. The creatures/characters... how the heck can I discribe those... stupid I guess. I dont want to be judgy, but geeze.

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Sexy stuff
Teen, 13 years old Written byRainforestGal March 13, 2010

Bobobo? Wha? Is he drowning? His name sounds like it!

Huh????????????????? I watched it from beginning to end and NOTHING made sense. I had no clue what was going on! That's my biggest complaint. . . consittering I was so confused I didn't know good from bad.

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Kid, 11 years old October 30, 2009


I love it

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Educational Value
Teen, 14 years old Written byBo man August 25, 2009

bobobo is best for all

Bobobo is the funniest cartoon on earth, the show may have a few concerns but still Bobobo is best for children because the show is so funny in a great way that it makes lots of people laugh

This title contains:

Positive Messages
Positive role models
Teen, 13 years old Written bythe Liberator August 7, 2009
i don't really think this show is anything but a really fun packed laugh fest its so extremely fast paced that its hard for any younger viewer to understand i don't think that any character suffer from stereotypes i just think this is a fun show people should know though that there is some mild violence but nothing that would shock anybody that much
Kid, 8 years old April 9, 2008

Rolling on the floor laughing!

Its not really bad!Its so funny i always laugh soooooo hard watching it!
Kid, 11 years old April 9, 2008

it's funny!!!!!!!!!!!

Teen, 14 years old Written byHalekulani April 9, 2008


I, in my opinion, think it's great. & I don't really care what ou think of me for that. It takes a "special" kind of person to follow the plot well enough to understand & like it.
Teen, 15 years old Written byCartoonaholic_C... April 9, 2008
Kid, 11 years old April 9, 2008
Kid, 12 years old April 9, 2008

Common Sense is wrong, this show is funny, and this is the best show ever!!

Common Sense is wrong, this show is funny, and this is the best show ever!!!!!!!!!!!! Why?

Though Bobobo-Bobobo-Bobobo and party may seem crazy, they are good models, teaching you to not be afraid and showing you right from wrong!!!!!

Each episode has a cliffhanger and gives the viewers and the creators some time of their own to piece together the episodes... just like The Simpsons Season 5 cliffhanger, "Who Shot Mr. Burns?". So really, what is there to complian about?

Weathe you are a kid or adult, you will always be coming back for more... and that is a good thing.

Oh, and the bodily functions shuld be ignored unless you like comedy and super fun and a hint of action too.

OH YEA!!!!!!!!!
Teen, 15 years old Written byhyenahunter April 9, 2008

This is awesome

bo-bobo is the best show/manga ever
nothing compares
it cracks me up so badly i spent 3 years in the hospital
how can anyone give it less than 5 stars?
Teen, 14 years old Written byevildude32 April 9, 2008

What's up with Common Sense? This show is the best!!!

Honestly, this is my favorite show on the Cartoon Network (besides Adult Swim shows). I on the other hand am a big fan of anime, so I think it's on par with the zany anime comedies. This is the best show. Oh yeah, the bodily function jokes are rampant, there's plenty of comical violence and Bobo-bo (the dude in the blonde afro) sometimes dresses like a lady (very hilarious jokes sometimes)! Just ignore this stuff and watch. Oh yeah, about 7+ will be fine. ENJOY!
Kid, 7 years old April 9, 2008

This is the most hilarious show on earth!

Kid, 10 years old April 9, 2008


I understand that the manga is very iffy and the English dub doesn't get as good as the japanese version is sometimes but it's addicting and fun to watch!
Teen, 13 years old Written byschuymarch1 April 9, 2008

Another great anime show...

I like watching this show. This show doesn't make sense most of the time, but I like it. I also like watching this show online.