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Parent Written byConcerned88 April 28, 2013
age 18+

Be aware, sexual content sneaks in...

The episode of brain games tonite featured a seemingly innocent high school football practice in which you had to be in the role of referee and judge if a kick made it through the uprights...not bad, until, the narrator states "you may have seen the football go through the uprights, but can you remember which cheerleader took off their tops? This is a show through National Geographic! Why add in sophomoric humor that one can find in shows such as two and a half men? It is disappointing that a show which could be such a positive force has to resort to such crude material. Can't we leave some aspects of learning innocent and free of planted filth.
Educator Written byjohnb5 July 8, 2015
age 5+

Interesting and entertaining show, but beware of the lies

Some of the episodes are well done. But there is one flaw or lie that they keep talking about. They always talk about the brain as being in control. It’s always the brain does this, the brain does that. But it’s your mind that does everything. The brain is just a tool your mind uses. It’s not the brain that is in control – it’s the mind. The brain is just an organ – like a heart or liver. A very important and vital organ – but still just an organ.
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