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Adult Written bynduns October 20, 2009

Quite possibly the most insulting show ever made

I can't believe 4kids would stoop so low. I mean, I know their anime dubs have been either okay or garbage, but at least their original shows and the American/Canadian shows they aired were good... sadly, this one doesn't fit that category. This show just insulted the intelligence of young girls. The Bratz are quite possibly the worst role models ever! All they care about his fashion and boys! I may not be a girl myself, but I've talked to enough girls to know that NOT ALL GIRLS ARE THIS FREAKING GIRLY!!!!! It was bad enough that they had to make a terrible movie based off of those stupid dolls, but this show is just as bad if not worse.
Adult Written byDesiree12345 April 4, 2015

Bratz is so innocent!

I have heard for years how "sexual" the Bratz are. It's so stupid! Number one the Bratz franchise represents the MINORITIES of the world. I'm talking about people of Black, Latin, Asian, Arabic, and various other cultures all around the world. Number two this is a doll series that is in an animated form, so if you can find anything "sexual" about a doll or an animation I would suggest you do a whole lot of self examination, because you are most likely trying to put your unsure thoughts and project them to a franchise that is innocent so you won't look like a pervert. Number three compared to the reality show filth and trash out their Bratz is a welcomed alternative. They don't advocate boyfriend/girlfriend relationships, they have NO KISSING SCENES, and it's premise is about successful young women who are making their mark on the fashion industry in HIGH SCHOOL. Now, for some that want to sexualize the series because of their appearance I would simply say that their is nothing sexual about loving yourself and being encouraged to love yourself, because that's what the Bratz series does. This franchise encourages women of color, who cannot identify with Barbie at all. That their curves, full lips, and body shapes are beautiful. Anyone who has a problem with a positive body and cultural image for any young girl in the world, especially young women who are of other ethnicities then white need to do some soul searching and find their heart because it may have been misplaced along the way.
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Parent Written byCommonSenseParent November 25, 2010

Overdramatic Adults Freak Out About Little Kid's Show

Little children don't see the Bratz dolls as "sexy," they just think that they are pretty dolls. All the people that try to criticize Bratz products aren't thinking from a little kid's point of view. If every human on earth was like these so-called adults, I have no faith for our species.
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Adult Written byBeckstar November 1, 2011

ok show!

The show isn't particularly interesting. But at least they dress better as cartoons, than as dolls!! I think Huebell is exaggerating . It's all about the parents too, not just by what the kids watch. I watched the show when I was younger and I have not come out as a self-centered, shallow, violent and materialistic girl at all. Totally opposite!
Parent of a 8 year old Written byABP61 October 23, 2009

Bratz is not appropriate for anyone

I hate the dolls and the live action movie and I would never let my daughter watch this show. The insect like bodies, and clothing that looks like it belongs on hookers are just the visual ques that this show and it's related products are not appropriate for children, the attitudes and lack of parental role models to balance things makes it worse. Skip it. I know many people love this show and the dolls -- sorry to have such a strong reaction I just don't like them at all.
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Too much sex
Adult Written byart student April 9, 2008

If you value your child's perception on life, dont let them watch this!

Dear oh dear, this stuff is absolute garbage. I thought Barbie had it bad but she's nothing in comparison to these "girls" and I use that word loosely. Is it any wonder there are so many shallow, materialistic, dumb narrow minded schoolgirls falling pregnant these days? This is just pure money making crap that preys on gullable girls who havent developed a sence of identity yet. Give girls the time they need to grow up, dont force them to do it before their time...
Parent of a 3, 4, 7, and 9 year old Written byThandi Lopes January 27, 2012

the toys are bad enough

It seems that the makers of this try to justify the blatant advertising strategy that it is, by attempting a few moral issues into their episodes. However, any message they would attempt to convey is flawed by the language they use and the constant references to materialistic importance. Only a well grounded child would be able to watch this and not be compelled to think that fashion other people's opinion of you should be paramount. And such a well grounded child would probably not find it engaging anyway.
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Too much violence
Too much sex
Too much swearing
Too much consumerism
Adult Written byHuebel April 9, 2008

Utter Garbage, But Aptly Named

Want your children to grow up self-centered, shallow, violent and materialistic? Then this is the show for you. Steer clear. If you have parental controls on your TV and you haven't taken the time to learn how to use them, this would be a good show to test them on.
Adult Written byLISAFIELDS April 9, 2008

Bratz look like models for future porn stars

These characters are marketed to tween girls for no apparent reason other that to make wearing too much make-up, having pouty lips and wearing barely there clothes acceptable to young girls. Why anyone would give their little girl one of these dolls is beyond me and this movie brings it all to life.
Adult Written bycandaceandjadesmom09 April 9, 2008

clothes are inappropriate, but not as bad

I don't allow my 6 year old to see this but, if she wants the dolls for Christmas or whatever, I'll buy it. The only thing I really find inappropriate is their clothes. They are skimpy and really shouldn't be directed towards 5 or 6 year olds. What is wrong with kid's T.V. shows these days?
Adult Written bykendalynsmom April 9, 2008
Parent Written byDadWithGirls November 19, 2013

Really, cartoons about makeup, fashion, boys, disobedience?

As most of the reviewers noted, the dressing is skimpy, promoting of unnatural body measurements and makeup that are not age appropriate, and the topic discussed eg. who are you taking to the prom etc is not appropriate in my opinion for children at the ages and the maturity level who are still interested in viewing animated cartoons. This is more suited for 15/16 year old teenagers who are interested in boys, makeup etc. Not 6yrs girls who are still interested in playing with dolls and watching cartoons. To me the message being conveyed by this is be disobedient, anorexic, unhappy with self image, be a slutty teen, run after cute boys with no substance.
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Too much sex
Too much swearing
Too much consumerism
Parent of a 7 and 8 year old Written byqtnn January 11, 2009
Parent of a 9 year old Written bynikilj April 9, 2008
Adult Written byMindypin April 9, 2008


These little tramps are hideous, and this show is one more way for the entertainment industry to corrupt our youth and our society. I wouldn't let my young daughter near these toys, let alone the show.
Adult Written byjazandmic April 9, 2008

Very superficial

Too superficial...the "Bratz" are focused on silly things...i.e. clothes, parties, hair, make-up, etc. A definite no-no for very impressionable young girls.
Adult Written byThe JP Show June 23, 2009

I hate It, But you are Overating

I Hate it but my sister loves it(When she was 4).
What other families should know
Too much sex
Adult Written bybeingvenus April 9, 2008


apparently the women's equality movement did nothing for this Spice girl, "Girl Power," saccharin industry.