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Adult Written byouarda April 9, 2008

Bear Is Irresistable!

My only criticism about this show would be that I would like to see more of Bear and the kids and not have the rhythm broken by so many cuts to other Playhouse Disney shows. The character of Bear is so delightful that both my kids and I can't wait until he's back on screen! The concept of "Breakfast with Bear" is great but if it were me I would at least cut out the 30 minute break to "The Wiggles" (which we love, but not in the middle of "Bear") and concentrate on the shorter segments, such as "This is Daniel Cook" and "Captain Carlos". In this house, "This is Daniel Cook" is a huge hit. My kids hear the intro music and stop what they are doing to watch. Since I'm hoping "Breakfast with Bear" is around for a long time, maybe next season Tutter, Ojo, Pip and Pop and Treelo can occasionally make appearances with Bear as well. If there's one thing I've heard from parents and kids that loved "Bear In The Big Blue House" is that they wished the others would be sometimes included in the new show as well. All in all, though, a top notch show for young children!
Adult Written byanneyandhannah April 9, 2008

This is Daniel Cook has to go!

We love your other shows, but don't get the idea of "This is Daniel cook". All three of my children just don't get it! The child doesn't even have a great personality and it was boring. We recommend you replace it with something else more entertaining.
Adult Written byStephy April 9, 2008


My child cried when I ever put him in front of it
Adult Written bypraiseldr April 9, 2008

New concept-New interest

This new format is really interesting. My three year old is a bigger fan of the Wiggles than Bear, but now that he's interacting with kids, she's much more involved in the things that the characters are doing. We LOVE Charlie and Lola. Since my daughter has two teen brothers, I think she sees a lot of herself in Lola, and sees that other kids brothers act like hers do! My teens sometimes look chagrined when Charlie treats Lola in a way that's much more loving than perhaps theirs was!! I'm glad the Wiggles are still there, and I really like the new format.
Adult Written byrosehematite April 9, 2008

Part of our moringing routine

My 4 kids aged 1-8 love to get going in the morning with Breakfast with Bear. You should have seen my youngest doing the Morning Mambo! It was so cute! We would even have breakfast at the same time as Bear! In between seeing Bear, there were other shows that I could trust would be ok for my kids to watch while I made breakfast and did my morning chores! We loved Breakfast with Bear.