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Parent of a 2 and 4 year old Written byamandasdaddy December 3, 2009

No, No, No, No, No!!!!!

Wouldn't you know it! The one thing my daughter learned from Caillou was how to whine! While there is always a positive message at the end, it is lost in all the whining. This show is a definite no-no in our house.
Adult Written byKaren1969 July 20, 2009

How do I loathe thee? Let me count the ways....

Aahgh. I agree with other reviewers who complain that their children have begun to whine and be afraid of monsters after watching this show. Mine has done the same, and she also began to say that she "hates" things, and that she "gives up". Plus, what is with Caillou's parents? They never seem to be aware of what their children are up to, and they put up with behavior that doesn't get tolerated in my house, such as tantrums and whiny backtalk! They also seem to favor Caillou's little sister-mother especially seems to spend more time with her, while palming Caillou off on his dad, and when they find themselves unexpectedly without a sitter, they leave their kids with the weird old man who lives next door, whom they don't seem to know all that well. (Maybe I shouldn't be surprised, since they gave their son a name that translates as "pebble." I grew up during the seventies and knew a lot of people like that, none of whom I would trust with a child). Caillou gives up far too easily, cries far too much, and has a voice that even my little one finds piercing and annoying (when he whines "AWWWW!" I feel like banging my head against a wall). The only things my daughter has gleaned from this program are a few annoying habits-I'm not saying that a show which is strictly entertainment is a bad thing, BUT-we won't be watching this anymore. I can't imagine that this would benefit younger kids in any way, shape, or form, and older ones will probably be turned off by Caillou's immaturity (I can't believe that this kid is supposed to be four! I initially thought he was about two.) I only chose an age above because the site says I have to-if I could have bypassed that feature, I would have.

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Parent of a 3 year old Written bygrayson248 July 27, 2010
I think they should change the title to "CRYllou" instead of Caillou.
Parent of a 4 year old Written byJonesddd February 13, 2011


I used to keep my daughter from watching this when she was growing. She turned off the tv herself when it is time for the show. Not until she turned 4 I said "I'll give it a try coz the creator of this show said it is a good show as they argued. Well now I regret for letting my child watch this. She whines a lot, thowing tantrums and so stubborn, I can"t think of any other reasons why my daughter suddenly behaving like this. As a parent it your own obligation to be vigilant of what your child is watching. I give this show a bad review based on my experience. Never ever let your child watch this show, not a good one.
Adult Written bycanyoutellmehowtoget November 1, 2011

Great show, but the kid's gotta go.

Caillou is the most whiney kid on television. He throws tantrums and complains about everything and my daughter started mimicking him so I had to delete the show. And why is he bald?! He just whines "MOOOOOOOOOOOMMY!? I DON'T WANT TO SELL MY TOYS! WWWWAAAAAAAAAAH!" This show is off limits in our house.

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Parent of a 4 year old Written byRamonasMama December 10, 2009

Relatable and realistic model for young kids, and parents!

I love Caillou, and so does my 4-year-old. The most striking difference between Caillou and other cartoon characters geared toward young kids is that Caillou makes mistakes, doesn't succeed at everything he tries, and exhibits typical young child behavior. Sure Caillou whines and acts out at times, and the behavior is not rewarded; it is, however acknowledged and validated. It is perfectly healthy to feel sad or angry or jealous at times, and in the end Caillou learns something and his parents respond to his needs appropriately. Dora et al always have the answer, need no parental guidance, and succeed at everything they attempt; they are not realistic role models for young kids. Caillou is about everyday life, common problems and situations, how they make us feel, and how best to learn from our experiences.

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Parent of a 2 year old Written bythesavants08 April 7, 2011

Shows Kids how to Whine to get their way!

I work in a daycare and have witnessed the effect this show has on kids. Every time during our 25 minute/day TV break if this show was on the kids obviously began acting like Caliou the second it went off. Constantly throwing tantrums and whining about everything. I never even give it a chance with my kids at home.
Adult Written bydowntoearthmom April 9, 2008

Real life!!

Stanley is PERFECT, but Caillou is REAL. My 4 year old likes it. He can relate to the issues that Caillou faces and understand Caillou's frustration. The show is from HIS perspective, not the "perfect child" that us adults expect! And, we can actually talk about the show after- how Caillou should have handled things better. My son can pat himself on the back and laugh at Caillou's not so perfect behavior knowing he often does it better!
Teen, 13 years old Written byrobowilm September 16, 2015



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Parent of a 2 year old Written byMomAt20 March 24, 2011

Teaching Bad Lessons

It teaches kids to throw little hissy fits and they get their way. My husband and I discussed this while i was pregnant. And we didnt want our son to grow up learning that negative message.
Adult Written byact5221 April 9, 2008

My kids love it and it sooo much better than teletubbies!

I don't know what everyone is complaining about. Unless most of you have stepford kids, then kids aren't perfect all the time. I love the fact that Caillou isn't perfect. When my son became a big brother and as my daughter has grown, he's been able to look at Caillou and see that he's not the only one. Plus Caillou and Rosie always end up getting along and playing together. The situations are realistic in how a young child feels and then my kids can talk about them.
Parent of a 3 year old Written byTNmommy March 31, 2010

No Calliou!!! To Negative.

I'm glad I "googled" this problem. I thought I was the only one. Calliou has caused lots of problems in our house. My 3 yr daughter had started watching and loving this show. I watched with her the first few espisodes and didn't notice anything wrong, at first. Then my dd started using phrases like " I DON'T WANT TO!" and "NO, not now!" I figured out where she was picking this up at. Calliou is very whiny and disobient. I've had to limit her to one episode a day and I try find the on with the least negativity in it. It's been a nightmare!
Parent of a 2 year old Written byalysha23 September 16, 2009

Too whiney and disrespectful

First of all, my daughter loves Caillou. I haven't watched many of the shows because I put it on for her while she has her play time and I am cleaning the house. One thing that really bothers me about this is I will be cleaning and I can hear Caillou in the background and all that ever comes out of his mouth is WHINING over silly things. He also has a bit of an attitude and a lack of respect. Thankfully she has not picked up on his behavioral issues.
Adult Written bySuperiorwheeljack July 24, 2013

No, Just no, Just No.

Caillous little whiny voice is annoying. Don't bother with the review on the homepage. Parents' never let your kids watch this show. When he's wearing his gray shirt, it spells doom, he whines when he wears it. All of the cast has squeaky voices. I'm giving it a 0
Adult Written bymroots April 9, 2008

Too whiny!

I did not let my children watch this show after a couple of episodes because it talks down to children and Caillou displays bratty, inappropriate behavior.
Parent of a 10 and 12 year old Written byhugaduck123 May 22, 2014

A great show to treasure and love!

My kids are both too old for this show, but still wake up to Caillou's adventures just like they did as tots! They are addicted to it and it's kinda weird, but Caillou is a cute show for little and older kids alike.

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Parent Written byscrandall1173 May 21, 2012

Caillou -helps preschoolers understand their world

We love Caillou! It really reflects to kids their everyday life, shows gentle parenting techniques, helps them see other kids their kids expressing their frustrations and doing problem-solving (often with parent guidance) to resolve those frustrations. The only negative is that Caillou is a little heavy on the whiny side at times.

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Adult Written byMommy2two August 22, 2011

Too Whiny and spoiled..bad role model!

Big NO on this show...Ever since my 4 year old saw this show, she has become very whiny and disobedient. No wonder! After watching this show, it is clear that Caillou is a spoiled little brat who whines and cries if he does not get his way, heck he whines about EVERYTHING! His parents constantly dote on him, I know what parent does not..but it is OVER-THE-TOP ridiculous on how much these parents let him get away with whatever, and do whatever. If you do not mind your children whining about everything, and thinking they have no rules..go for it!
Adult Written bymristic April 9, 2008

realistic 4 yearold behavior

It's a great cartoon fo young kids. the colors a blend and it dosn't have to many fast actions and theams to overexcite younger kids. kids can relate to Caillou and learn from his actions... his actions are very realistic for 4 yearold if not for a littlebit younger kids as well, but the reactions to his actions are the more important leson. they are always calm with understanding and direction....
Adult Written byGary G. December 22, 2016

Reality in a cartoon...Learning real life

I don't see why parents complain about Caullou, after all, look who's whining now. A child is going to whine, complain or learn to be complacent in things in real life and you would be lying if you deny it happens. I watch it with my granddaughter who is 11 months old and she , whether you believe it or not, loves the show. So give me a good reason why 'My little Pony' that portrays talking horses of various colors and act as humans is any better. Leave Caillou alone and find a real reason not to have the desire of a child growing up and learning good and bad as it comes along. No one is perfect! Children aren't and obviously some adults aren't either

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