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Adult Written byMcNamara December 21, 2010

Not suitable for anyone with half a brain IMO

Buddy is a real jerk in this series. He yells at the contestants, he is rude and obnoxious. The contestants are rude to eachother. You can tell right away it's fake.
Adult Written byTinyToya December 17, 2012

SO much food is WASTED!

I absolutely hate watching this show now. I watch it only to see the final reveals. Buddy is just too annoying to tolerate. He acts like he is a king gracing the presence of his subjects. Yes, he is a well-known baker, but he treats the contestants like they are beneath him (cutting them off, yelling at them, giving them unreasonable tasks). Even when someone makes something good he may shrug or smugly say: It's good. Not bad. Or something of that nature. He is also a bore to watch because he does not have much of a personality to show. He doesn't have that charisma that's needed to be a top notch host. The show itself has its usual fights between contestants, cursing (something to note), and extremely unfair challenges. I wouldn't watch this show with the kids because you never know who will curse or when something inappropriate may come up. FINALLY, the amount of food Buddy wastes is INTOLERABLE! There was a challenge in which cakes had to be made and piped correctly and if they were wrong (even a little bit) he threw them in the trash. His assistant Marissa (winner of the next great baker from a previous season) played along, throwing away cake after cake after cake (probably more than ten or twelve perfectly edible cakes). I was so angered by that. Why not just put them to the side and give them away to customers for free later or donate them? Don't waste food. He does this every season. He plows down ugly cakes, throws them off buildings, blows them up, you name it! I bet he thinks it's great drama for the show, but it just ticks people off! As you can tell, I don't like this show anymore.
What other families should know
Too much swearing
Adult Written byGayle002 August 15, 2014

The Next Great Baker should be renamed "The Biggest Waster"

I cannot believe the amount of perfectly good food that gets wasted on this show. They make these huge cakes, with perfectly good ingredients and what does he do? He blows them up, he throws them away, he runs them over with trucks? All for what? Showmanship? It's absolutely ridiculous!! There are people starving, people digging in the trash for something to be able to feed their kids and he is blowing it up for nothing! You know what would be really good to see on TV? Someone creating something amazing (like these cakes and deserts) and then GIVING BACK. DONATING what they don't use or eat to homeless shelters or hospitals of sick and struggling kids. That is what I would like to see on TV; something uplifting and heart warming, not this complete disregard and disrespect for something as valuable as food. I will never watch this show again. I would not want children to watch this show. I wouldn't want anyone to witness this and think that it is OK to do what this man does. It's disgusting.
What other families should know
Too much swearing
Too much consumerism
Parent Written byCSM1151116 January 2, 2012

Not happy!!

Up until tonight's show it was a fun show to watch with the family. One of the contestants used condoms as balloons for their cake. Totally upset and so were my kids because they couldn't understand why they couldn't watch it.
What other families should know
Too much sex