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I love the creation I just don't like how the judges interfere with them creating their stuff

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SO much hostility between the judges towards the cast

My girlfriend and I both love cooking shows and things of the like - so naturally we were hyped about watching this. I don't even really want to emphasize on anything except for immediately noticing how hostile and passive aggressive the judges were towards the contestants. I literally couldn't even count on one hand how many times they actually complimented their work without immediately countering it with almost an insult. It was clear on every contestants face that they were embarrassed or even kind of shocked with the passive aggressiveness of the judges comments and facial expressions. If it wasn't for the host, watching the show would've legitimately made me uncomfortable. Maybe a couple of different judges who seem more like judges rather than bullies would make the show a little better.
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Candy Land is Best Show for Every One

Yes I do Candy Land. I Like Games.

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