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age 15+

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age 12+

Funny, but insensitive and gory.

Although the violence is unrealistic, it's not to be underestimated. It's comical, but very dark humor. And the fact that the characters are claymation models of real people, let alone celebrities, make it even worse. But still, it's not meant to be taken seriously and is probably ok for older tweens. Violence 8/10: Like mentioned above, intensely gory claymation violence between celebrities is the point of every episode, but it's not serious and is just meant to poke fun at celebrities. Still, it can get insane, with lots and lots of blood/gore. The violence is a bit like Robot Chicken, with famous characters/celebrities put into violent situations. Sex 3/10: Some mild sexual jokes and innuendos, and there are celebrities and a female interviewer wearing skimpy clothing. Language 4/10: CSM is correct, with words like "ass", some sexual references, and stronger words that are bleeped. Drug use 1/10: Extremely mild.

This title has:

Too much violence
not rated for age


this show i hilarious, but is extremely violent and not for anyone under 13.
not rated for age


not rated for age


Wow. For an animated show this is extremely disgusting. The violence is extreme, bloody, and gruesome, but it is funny on occasion.
not rated for age
not rated for age

all of the fighting results in bloody mess