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Celebrity Ghost Stories

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Great show, but know your kid

Great show, I watch it as much as possible. But this is only my opinion, especially because I LOVE shows like this, and I've loved scary things and Halloween ever since I was around 4. Any way, great show, can get pretty creepy for younger kids, so know your child, especially because the creepiness varies between episodes and peoples stories. But I HIGHLY suggest this show, especially for sleepovers, and maybe even Halloween parties.

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Too much violence
Too much swearing
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking
age 10+

Pretty Good, From What I Remembered.

Well, I watched it once, and I remember a little of it. As I remember it, it's not even scary! I thought it was very interesting! Man, I sound like a nerd O_O. Well, maybe the effects, yes. But aren't shows based on paranormal activity supposed to be scary? Yes, yes they are.

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Too much swearing
age 10+

Some of the best ghost stories you'll hear!

Although some of the stars are people you may have never of heard of before, some are well-known. This is one of my favorite shows, though. It's really interesting, some stories are creepy and I watch it every Saturday night! Some are really good, and others aren't bad, but every episode is awesome.

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Great messages