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age 15+

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age 16+

Good paranormal investigations. Some language & conversations=16+

I find this show authentic and credible. It's a very good show with real reactions from celebrities on paranormal occurrences. I wish they would have not edited-in the spooky music, noises, and wavy videography, though, and just let us hear exactly what the people heard that were there. Also, I would have liked to have seen more responsibility on helping the spirit/spirits move on. Some actors did that, but most shows did not address that concern. 16 and over because there's a lot of foul language and in the Bonaduce episode, there are several sexual conversations.

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Great messages
Too much swearing
age 5+

I lost six brain cells watching this

not rated for age

i thought it was really good

i thought celebrity paranormal project is a really good show concidering the fact that paranormal stuff is my favorite stuff to watch i am so interested in i think that this is a great show i just wish that they wouldnt have such annoying people on it and that they WOULD have more of hal sparks hes so cute!!!
not rated for age

Not For Scaredy Nights Late At Night

If you are like me and are interested by this stuff but you are a scaredy cat when it comes to the dark...wait for re-runs! I couldn't watch it at it's scheduled time because I was freaking out. But in the day time it's better cause it's more noisy outside and whatnot. A very interesting show and neat idea to have celebrities doing it. I just wouldn't let anyone under the age of 15 or so watch it.
not rated for age
not rated for age

edge of seat.

I found myself wanting to watch this, over and over. It is upsetting that I have to wait a week just to watch another episode, but I ancciously await. There are comedical things that happen, which is a tension release, but then, there are things that you can actually see on the tv screen. I have gotten my whole family involved in this show, and we even think of what we would do, if we had to do some of the things that the celeberties had to do. I do feel I can handle almost all the things, except when I would have to do them alone, that is my biggest fear, and that would be more harmful, then helpful, but if I had someone with me, then I would be excited to try anything. Thank you
not rated for age


This show is interesting because it's Celebrities (some professional actors) who are doing this show. They act for a living why would you believe that they are actually going thru any kind of fear. I enjoyed it because they really kept it interesting. Like taking a spin and adding a professional Skiier. That was a nice addition to the crew.