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Adult Written bychristian2011 October 24, 2012

Very inspiring show. Drug and sex addiction is graphically displayed.

This is a show that shows the grim and harsh realities of drug addiction, alcoholism, and other harmful acts including self-mutilation, sex addiction, and abuse (both physical, psychological and sexual), all from real people and is graphically displayed, which can upset and disturb some viewers. It also reveals the people's past of how they've gotten themselves like they are, and intense thematic material is common throughout. Some scenes show the agonizing stages of drug withdrawal, its symptoms, which are triggered into physical and verbal throw downs between patients, and potentially harmful reactions which does show some patients pass out, have seizures, vomiting, suicidal attempts, and some characters don't make it through their addiction. Yet, it's a very inspiring show which can teach individuals about drug addiction and the serious yet potentially fatal consequences. Dr. Drew is one of the best, most experienced addiction Doctors in the world, specializing in drug and sex addiction, and his words of expertise and experience can inspire those who want to become just like him to help people with serious addictions.
What other families should know
Too much sex
Too much swearing
Too much consumerism
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking
Parent of a 14 year old Written bypebo April 18, 2010
i love the program and i watch it with my 14 yr. old granddaughter so she can see and hear for her self not to look up to the hollywood bunch,or sports "heros",or young models or singers or the like;i have an oppotunity to tell her that she is someone special and a celebrity does not mean you follow or worship them cause they are just people too like her and i and all her tween friends,just lost in a world of sex,rock-n-roll,drugs etc.because the $$$$is handy and alot so it is easier esp. if it's always being done in their faces,homes,so-called friends and those all around them,it's hard to resist,so they become fav.program was the one with Tom Sizemore,he's a favorite actor of mine,and he worked hard,but it really upset me that heide kept bullying him and pushing as many buttons she could to get a good laugh and try to make it seem like she was so innocent all the while Rodman said it right,when she threw some fish or something like it when Tom was talking to Mike,but nothing was done to set her straight that she was the one doing the major bullying and laughing and enjoying it then she'd be in front of you acting like an angel,lying to you that it was Tom being the "evil villan",with almost a sraight face and also her and mike lying to you about Jen being mean or out of control with both of them ,yet they would sit outside calling her all sorts of foul names and desrescpting her while she's in the kitchen cleaning Tom's mess with her hands ,my granddaughter and i cried because Jen was so bullyed by several of the guests at the sober house,i felt as if she could at any moment blow up and mike &heide wouldn't even care,i could not belive that mike and heide got away with so much and enjoying it so much,esp. heide,she's cold ,yes i know she is sick but that's no excuse to treat Tom,Jen and others around them in the name of inner fun and meanness,and then to face you with their lies ,just ticked me off really bad,did you,Dr. Drew know what they did and the games mike and heide played just because heide became jealous that Tom would not give her 100% of his undiveded time,esp.with what happened when he went to comfort Carrie Ann,she was another that was abusive to the staff and then lie to you that they were being mean and etc.,etc. to her,i felt sorry for har but i was glad to see her go,i just hope that heide keeps her word to you about leaving Tom alone or move her else where before she pushes Tom too far and that gives her great pleasure i've noticed and she gets away with it,she should be shown all that she and also mike have done and said to Tom and how Jen was treated.heide admitted to mike and mike also that they had no respect for Jen and it was her house so she could clean up her own house,they weren't there for that,i had not seen anyone so hateful and hateful as i did with heide,wow what an angry woman she is,what a differnce between Mckenzie and heide,even Dennis tried to pick on Jen but then he just helped clean and kept heide away from Tom as much as possible cause he knew she was doing it just to push buttons and walk away laughing,even that nite she was suppose to be in her room wainting for you cause she tested positive for drugs from her trip from Neveda,but this program was the the most difficult to watch due to heide and mike,his foul words were mainly aimed at Jen about 98% of the time,others there were sick but they had their moments but mike was in Jen's face all the time and heide pushing him also towards Jen while she aimed her poison towards Tom due to her jealousey,i could tell she still loved Tom,but Tom didn't feel that way about her and that's when she started her attacks.Dr. Drew would you please tell Tom and Jen that they were always in my prayers ,esp.Tom i want him back in acting on the big screen where he belongs he's a wonderful actor and my prayers are that he will conquer this addiction and remember what an actor he is and it's time to get on track,drugs can't destroy his acting and the fans that love him and keep praying taht he beats this,i know he will and to get away from monroe ,she doesn't seem like she's there to help and support him,and Jen not to allow noone to take her spirit and heart and stomp on it and try to destroy her soul,i am a Morman and i put your programs and you and the celebrities on a Temple Prayer Roll every two weeks none stop,but most esp. this one program,esp. Tom ,Jen,Will,Bob(I hope that's correct),you and your wonderful staff,they put up with alot with a smile on their face at times.please give my love to all your staff and my prayers and please tell Tom and Jen i admire them and have faith in them and Tom will become a great actor even stonger and better then before,one day he's going to get an Oscar and Jen will become strong and everyone will respect her and look up to her.please don't give on Dennis and Seth ,it seems that Dennis doesn't hear or care ,but you can tell you are reaching him deep down in the core of Dennis Rodman,mister tough guy,Dr. Drew you are doing wonderful work with the celebrities,teen moms(my granddaughter's fav.and her best friends),they talk about it at school or on facebook with eachother,Thank you so much for all you do to help .my daughter is a counsler at a jail in Ogden,Utah with teen minor boys and girls rappist,i am so afraid and my granddaughter worries and myself from the time she leaves to work until wlks in from work,she went to school and got her Mastersbi was hoping and her fav. professor that she would go in a different direction but she landed in that place and she's had to deal with being physically attaked and a bunch of other things and i wish as her daugter whose 14 ,that she would find another place to fully use her talents and gifts and her studies,and not be in a position that one day one of the boys (since she works in the boys cottages)will overpower her and hurt her badly or rape her ,she is great with young people but the rappist kids ,some up to 18 yrs. old worries me and her daughter,but she says she can't find the work she would like to do here in Utah,and that's working with young girls before they become teen moms or help them learn to talk and communicate and teach them self worth etc.,that's why she also loves your programs and admires you.Thank you for allowing me to be able to write this to you and your staff,my name is Rosie .
What other families should know
Great messages
Great role models
Adult Written bymarisuhh January 5, 2010

perfect for older kids

What other families should know
Too much swearing
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking
Adult Written April 9, 2008