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age 9+

'Reality' TV show

I've seen a few episodes, but it just feels like a 'reality' TV show. If your kids are fine with dogs barking, lunging, and occasionally biting, then this should be fine to watch. I like the emphasis on making sure your dog has proper exercise, as when i'm to busy with homework to walk my dog, his barking/running around/annoying behavior increases. While Cesar has some good ideas that average people can use with their dogs, kids shouldn't try to imitate alpha rolls or other possibly intimidating techniques on their dog, especially if it is lunging at another dog. Kids, please understand that Cesar is a lot stronger than you and he has still gotten bitten. If your dog licks, yawns, or turns away from you, that's a sign that he feels uncomfortable and he is politely asking you to give him a little space. I'm more of a behaviorist/operant conditioning kind of a person, and I think Cesar's methods work because of how he punishes and rewards behavior, as well as how he floods or sometimes desensitizes the dogs.