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Teen, 13 years old Written byhtflover August 17, 2015

i love adorable characters!!!

Snap is cool!
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Adult Written byTommypezmaster June 5, 2009

The worst Nicktoon mistake has got to STOP!!!!!!!!!!!

Maybe CatDog was the worst Nick show in the Past, but that has one redeeming quality, it's 2 people sharing the same body & getting into trouble. Chalkzone is horrible, appalling, whatever, with no redeeming qualities. The animation is pure creepy. It's jagged and The "Paul Blart: Mall Cop" of the standards that animation today. You know what, it makes Super Duper Sumos (wich was decent) look like the Mona Lisa! Yakkity Yak darn you! And that's saying something! I hate shows that make fun of Education nowadays. The only good educatinal shows left is Thomas & Friends, Word Girl and GoGoRiki, with maybey 2 or 3 others. And other greatly animated shows like Rocko's Modern Life, Catscratch and Chop Socky Chooks are cancelled, so that just leaves crap. The voice-acting is, appaling, & their wasting it. Jeff Bennett, Jess Harnell and Roger Bumpass are not ment for gross show like this, but it is zapped by this mindless excuse for a show. The writing is horrible and the jokes are appalling. And it's a complete ripoff of Ed, Edd, & Eddy! I loved Ed, Edd, & Eddy, but this is downright plagiarism! They are 3 idiots who do the weridest stuff, they have a smart one who wants to live normally and a dumb one who loves the weridst stuff. & A selfish leader who dosn't get any respect. Sounds like it, no? So don't waste your time on this poor excuse for a show, and save your mind for something else. Beacause, Chalkzone is about three extremely stupid kids with stereotypical personalities. When they are not protecting the citisen of Chalkzone., they do the most studipest thing that almost get them in trouble. There is a Teacher who's strict & hates cartoons, but He is next to useless. There is also a wise monster with 2 eyes who lives in a chalk mind, but he is also useless. The art, plot, and voice acting are bad. And to make things worse, it is meant for kids. For an teaching series, Chalkzone leaves a lot to be desired. I am glad nobody botherd to watch it.
Adult Written byAl Jackson April 16, 2012

Oy Vey!

This show is horrible.The animation is creepy and the plot is lame.Magic chalk?! You bet that sucks!
Adult Written byChuck Reid March 16, 2012

Stupid,Lame,Boring,Pathetic,Dumb,Pointless,and humourless.

THANK GOD they canceled this dumb show! Its the 3rd worst Nickelodeon show behind Nick News and Hey Dude.First off the jokes are from other shows and the theme song gives me a headache.The only redeeming quality is that SOME of the characters are funny.
Adult Written byThe JP Show June 9, 2009

Should be on PBS

This show uses imagaination for a cool acting and comes with a music video at the end. P.S This is the only show on Nick rated TV-Y.
Adult Written bypunk_butters April 9, 2008


This show has no structure what so ever! It is the lamest show on TV. If you're my age & entertained by it, boy do you have some issues. IT IS STUPID! How could it get 3 stars?
Adult Written bykurra April 9, 2008