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age 2+
Terrible ACTING, Obviously 99.9% fake, a blind man could tell that. Nobody snaps as fast as Hawass and then milliseconds later gets over it. This is one show the History Channel should can, along with Pawn Stars which is also obviously fake.

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Too much swearing
age 2+
This program is primarily about the OVER THE TOP ego-maniacal Zahi Hawass, and his seemingly schizophrenic penchant for wielding his authority to brow beat college kids trying to learn about ancient relics. Hawass is so unbearable, that he renders the show almost unwatchable. The best hope is that the season finale will include Hawass suffering a cave-in at an excavation, or shows one of his assistants lashing him to a bedouin's wayward camel with a choke collar and setting it loose across the desert at a full gallop. Trust me, after watching an episode or 2, you will agree...Horrible Horrible Horrible.
age 2+

This Show is Awful

The "peril" in the first 30 minutes is obviously staged. The intern Zoe is an actress; her website lists "actress" as her occupation. It also depicts Dr. Hawass as an egotistical jerk. I couldn't stand more than 30 minutes of this show while previewing it for my son, and only kept it on that long hoping it would get better. While it claims to show "archaeology as it really happens" it looks more like "Archaeology, really boring so we thought we'd spice it up."
age 2+

No one should watch this.

A real disappointment. Teaches children that there are huge jerks out there that are anxious to rip them apart when they are just trying to learn.

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Too much violence
age 10+

Bad acting

The show (what I have seen so far) looks completely staged. The "intern archaelogists" look more like actors and actresses playing a part, very badly playing the part. I'm sorry, but if you had the opportunity to be Dr. Hawass' intern, I don't think you would act so foolishly like being late, going into a tomb without permission, etc. It seriously looked like it was actors and actresses rather than real archaeologists in training.