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Adult Written byMomoftheyearr February 7, 2020
Adult Written byMarkNLa January 26, 2020

Pushes the Envelope on Physical Abuse

I believe the opportunity that some of these kids have been given is great and they all great in their own way. Where it crosses the line for me is it’s almost glamourizing pushing yourself to the limit and risking serious injury to win. It’s too much. And Monica makes it very clear that it’s her reputation at stake which I believe is her real motivation behind her strict, firm and at time grueling approach to preparation for 2.5 minutes once a year in Daytona. I believe she wants it to be about the kids, but it really is about her winning. Enough is never enough. Furthermore, I feel like this production projects Texas values on kids who come from all walks of life and situations. The History Professor being the best example. She says she’s teaching TX history when all she is doing is projecting the ultra conservative values of Corsicana onto Students who don’t really care. She goes as far as to say she totes her gun with her everywhere she goes. If the goal of this show is to show how physical cheerleading is and others should see it as a sport, fine, but the message that you get and see is young kids who love the sport being pushed to the limit constantly and made to feel bad when they fail. As one reviewer put it, Monica doesn’t put much into their little victories. It’s a business to her more than anything. She claims and states the kids are more important yet every decision she makes it geared toward ensuring the win. How about some of those kids who never make it to Mat? It’s a business decision to keep them off and hoping, but trusting Monica because of the reputation she’s built. Personally, the guy who runs the Trinity Univesoty program is more balanced and a better example.
Adult Written byMartinmom January 19, 2020

Language warning

Love this series, but the language is def not limited to “rare use of bitch”. Lots of f bombs.